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#1 11/18/14 20:11

Vadell Gabriel
From: Halifax, Nova Scotia, NS
Registered: 03/19/14

Collecting Vinyl Records


My radio station was discarding some damaged vinyl records, and told me that anything that was still mint, I could keep. Here's a few of the records in the picture:

MCJ & Cool G - So Listen/Girl On My Mind 12" single (I even got it signed by MCJ himself!)

Large Professor - 'Bout That Time 12" Promo

E-40 - Hall of Game (Double vinyl LP - 2Pac is featured on the album, but his name is removed from the tracks for whatever reason)

The Wee Papa Girls - The Beat, The Rhythm, The Noise LP

Haddaway - Fly Away 12" single

Snap - Ooops Up 12" single

And quite a few others I'm too lazy to name at the moment. tongue Anyone else collect vinyl here?


#2 12/08/14 06:12

From: Germany, Niedersachsen
Registered: 05/01/14

Re: Collecting Vinyl Records

My grandma has an old( I mean very old, year ~1956) record player and around 200+ vinly records in it. I think they are way too valuable now. (There are also german nazi tracks in it, lol)



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