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What came first?!

Bungie had a 2nd Division and were working on oni, while the other was working on Halo CE... I heard that either one of the games were released first.. Both games are very well done, The story the plotmap were very excellent.. these are games I crave for.. Sci Fi cyperpunk futuristic FPS beat em up games. I hope more is to come but which game came out first?     
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#2 06/17/14 10:06

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Re: What came first?!

They were both in development together for a long time, but Oni came out first.  What happened was that Microsoft acquired Bungie in 2000 in order to get Halo as an Xbox launch title, and so Bungie West had to finish Oni as quickly as possible since their division was about to be dissolved in order for Bungie to move to Redmond and work for MS.  So they finished Oni in the fall/winter of 2000 and passed it to its new owner, Take 2, who released it in Jan. 2001.  Since Halo was a launch title, it was released in Nov. 2001 when the Xbox went on sale.

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