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#1 01/20/22 12:01

From: Lebanon
Registered: 09/04/09

Hi... an explanation, and a help plea.

hi guys, going to be honest here.
If anyone recalls, about 18 months ago, I was working on new character textures for strikers, tankers, snipers, furies and others. I was working on an update for Hayate and Hanako, and I was working on reducing particle count on several packages. I was also working and on an update for SMP conversion, that among many things, alters the final battle and better incorporates the new and improved Saisei team.
The textures for strikers, sniper, tankers, were completed and I was in the process of putting final touches on furies.
An altered final battle version was done in both "killed Griffin" and "didn't kill Griffin" versions with videos here:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wwqQHXvCgeQ and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e97TCEPhjK0
(several people on YouTube have asked where the mod shown in the video is).

I had also finished an update for both Hayate and Hanako with updated moves, textures, particle count. and model changes, and I was actually in the process of uploading them to the depot... when my entire life changed unexpectedly, suddenly, and unfairly.
This life altering event forced me to be away from computer and any form of technology for the last 18+ months, I have also lost among many things, my computer and my phone and all the data I had on them, and I have lost access to several of my social media sites including my facebook and my Youtube channel.
Therefore, all the work I had done at the time remained unpublished, and I don't have the files anymore to publish them now.

I am now forced to use an older computer that doesn't seem to be able to run Oni without major lag and the AE fails to globalize. Just trying to open a website while having a song playing takes me half an hour, let alone trying to troubleshoot Oni.
I also don't have any current means to run discord.
I will try to run it on this computer but it's too slow so it might not work out.

However, I would still like to publish the SMP conversion I was working on,
I recall I sent it to Edt and S10k and Leus last, for a test run, through discord messages,will check if I can get it back.

anf Perhaps I can recreate something for the textures I was working on, though I doubt I can run XSI on this PC or actually test them in game, so an old photoshop  version alone will have to do, unless someone has time to help me test stuff. 

and I apologize for my sudden disappearance, I was in conversation with some of you, it was beyond my control.
I am trying to get my PC back, but it is really complicated.
If anyone wants to contact me on fb this is my new account for now: https://www.facebook.com/Samer.os.kh/

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