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#1 12/27/18 10:12

Christoff 51
From: United States
Registered: 12/25/18

PC/PS2 differences

Recently, I played my most favorite game on Sony PlayStation 2(port was officialy made by Rockstar Games, thanks for that). My impressions:
1)Oni textures looks so good. Аll characters have good graphics, some levels looks retextured
2)Combat sounds were greatly curtailed
3)During loading screens, you can see cool Wallpapers, pictures and concept arts
4)The menu buttons have sounds!
5)Lightmapping is very soft and it's nice to see that(i think it was taken from beta-version!)
6)Sky textures looks more realistic

So, main question. HOW can I do the same on PC? And why PC version visually made worse? mad


#2 04/27/20 21:04

From: NL,JP
Registered: 09/20/15

Re: PC/PS2 differences

because pc users have so many different setups they need to make a compromise


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