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#1 06/17/18 18:06

From: Danmark
Registered: 10/24/15

Ammo Clips in the various levels.

Is there a list somewhere of how many red and green Ammo Clips you can find in each level?
When it's no longer difficult to win the game, you can challenge yourself in other ways, like finding everything there is to find.
For example in »Airport Cargo Hangars« I find six red clips and seven green ones. But are there perhaps even more to be found?

If it ain't broken, don't fix it!


#2 06/18/18 08:06

Registered: 01/14/07

Re: Ammo Clips in the various levels.

Not sure if there's a list for that. But you can use Vago / OniSplit to extract each BINACJBOPowerUp.oni from each level (convert oni to xml), then check inside for all the items that the level contains.

Documentation here:


#3 06/19/18 09:06

From: Canada
Registered: 04/13/15

Re: Ammo Clips in the various levels.

If you want a challenge, beat the game on Brutal AI without using a single gun, not a bullet fired. Ever.

The first level of the game has 2 green clips, that's about as much as I remember, but in further levels, the amount of clips becomes considerable.


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