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#1 06/17/18 22:06

From: Thurso Quebec Canada
Registered: 06/13/18

Neo assualt announcement (New UPDATE)

If my english is bad sorry

Hello Oni Commuity I am kevin leblanc and i am  here today to share my project i am Making a  spiritual successor To Oni called Neo Assualt
It a top-down open world game and i am going to use The unity Engine for this project there also going to be soundtrack As well
there is also going to be a customization System (Were the Player can change the Look of the player and Etc) similar To what Apb reloaded does There also Going to Be a Slowmo fx Like max payne And this game will be free I am Going to start Making this game this summer
And will be for android Ios Linux windows and mac and maybe for  console 

If you have any Question (because i am Rarely On Forum) Our facebook Page Is Freaksquaredesign   


Hi there Oni Commuity i got an Update for you today for my project and thanks For feedback i was happy to see that since I am making this game for you guys the oni commuity So a huge Thanks To You Guys 

I have few Update for you Guys

We started Making The Game

Mostly the arcade Mini games

i forgot some thing in the announcement You Still play as Konoko But i am making new character as well i wanna Add Konoko Since
she my favorite femmale  video game Character

Soundtrack Update

I found a Few Not Copyrighted Song And I contacted a Artist Named colbreaks and ask if we can use his Music And he Agreed


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#2 06/18/18 08:06

Registered: 01/14/07

Re: Neo assualt announcement (New UPDATE)

That's nice please let us know once you have news about this game, maybe you can share some screenshots and videos in the future.

Good luck for your project!


#3 06/19/18 10:06

From: Los Angeles, CA
Registered: 01/13/07

Re: Neo assualt announcement (New UPDATE)

Looking forward to your project!


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