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#1 02/12/18 14:02

From: NC, USA
Registered: 10/22/07

Community Discord server

For those who lurk on the forum but aren't aware of this yet, I wanted to put an invite here for the Discord server run by Noneatme:


Discord is catching on fast with a lot of online communities, so many of you will already be familiar with it, but it's basically a chat room app on steroids.  It's more user-friendly (and emoji-friendly, and GIF-friendly) than IRC, for instance.  It comes in a browser version and a desktop version.

Currently our community's server is used for posting small updates about our various projects, joking around, and sometimes for putting our heads together to solve a problem.  Anything that is considered of serious interest to the community will eventually be posted on Oni Central Forum when it's ready, so you can think of the Discord server as more of a fun way to hang out with fellow Oni fans and see what the modders are working on.

P.S.: If that link ever stops working, be sure to let us know here.  It's supposed to be permanent, though.

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#2 02/12/18 17:02

From: Colorado
Registered: 10/17/08

Re: Community Discord server

Yeah I've had issues with permanent invites ever since they changed the invite system, hopefully it's fixed now

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