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#1 07/27/17 15:07

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Birgit Q - Oni / Konoko inspired comic character

It is interesting how the years pass but we still find (or rediscover?) new stuff about oni.

I was looking today in some old websites (you will know later why) when I come across with this one (web archive):
http://web.archive.org/web/200304221902 … oniimpact/

Put the link in google translator to read as english.

The interesting part that caught me up was this:

L'omaggio di Pk a Konoko...

- 22.02.2002 by Jashugan

Iniziamo con lo spiegare cos'è Pk: si tratta di un fumetto pubblicato dalla Walt Disney Italia ed interamente dedicato alle avventure di Paperinik; lo staff di disegnatori, tutti italiani, si diverte spesso ad inserire citazioni e riferimenti a personaggi presi da film, cartoni animati e... videogiochi! Tra le altre citazioni, i disegnatori di Pk si sono recentemente rifatti anche ad Oni per realizzare uno dei loro personaggi: Birgit Q, di cui vediamo un'immagine qui sotto:

Non sappiamo bene che ruolo abbia questo personaggio nella saga di Pk, ma sicuramente l'omaggio è testimone del grande successo riscosso da Oni e dalla sua protagonista Konoko...

Alla prossima!

In english (google translator):

The Pk tribute to Konoko ...

- 22.02.2002 by Jashugan

Let's start by explaining what Pk is: this is a comic published by Walt Disney Italia and entirely dedicated to the adventures of Paperinik; The staff of designers, all Italians, is often delighted to include quotes and references to characters taken from movies, cartoons and video games! Among the other quotes, Pk's designers have also recently been re-designed to Oni to make one of their characters: Birgit Q, of which we see an image below:

We do not know what role this character has in the Pk saga, but surely the tribute is a testament to the great success enjoyed by Oni and his protagonist Konoko ...

Next time!

Ok, the image doesn't work anymore but I found some on the internet:

Freaking cool huh? Clearly inspired by Konoko! big_smile I've done some research and found more interesting information:

http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/S … Adventures

Birgit Q's design is inspired by Konoko from Oni: the purple, spiky hairdo is almost identical, and when she's seen with tactical vests, she looks even more similar to that character.


(google translate)

Birgit Q
General informations
Inducks Code:    Birgit Q
Debut album:    PK² # 2 Just a little scared
(March 2001 )

Physical aspect
Appearance :    Slim
Body type:    Athletic
Celebrating activities
Intellectual Faculty:    Elevate
Work activities
Activity:    Business manager for Everett Ducklair

Birgit Q is an imaginary character of PK² and PK - Pikappa comic series .

The character was designed by Francesco Artibani and Alessandro Sisti and designed by Lorenzo Pastrovicchio . Starts in number PK² # 2 Just a little scared .

Appearance and Character
From the masculine aspect she wears purple hair and wears a jacket and tie. One of its distinctive signs and the neo on the right cheek, just below the right eye.

Athletic paper and hard and cold character, often carries out dangerous tasks, which lead to confrontation several times against Paperinik . It has continued divergence and diversity of views with the Workman Anymore Boring .

I have never heard of this tribute character. She looks really cool too!

I've searched in the wiki and I have found nothing about her. sad

I'm gonna open a page.

P.S. Character modders, it would be pretty cool if someone came across with a Birgit Q mod character, I mean we got Rayman already why not this one? big_smile

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#2 07/27/17 17:07

From: NC, USA
Registered: 10/22/07

Re: Birgit Q - Oni / Konoko inspired comic character

Wow, this is unexpected.  How the heck did you find this?  According to this kinda-broken page, it seems that the character appeared in two Italian Donald Duck series: PK², which ran from '01 to '02, and PK Pikappa, which ran from '02 to '05.  As noted above, her first appearance was right around Oni's European release time: the spring of 2001.  Interestingly, it seems that she appeared throughout the two series, including the final issue of the second series, PK Pikappa, in 2005.

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#3 07/29/17 07:07

Registered: 01/14/07

Re: Birgit Q - Oni / Konoko inspired comic character

That's pretty cool. As I said I have come across with this when reading that website in web archive. It is quite surprising how I never heard of her.


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