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#1 09/09/16 13:09

Registered: 09/01/16

Games similar to Oni? (XBOX 360)

Hey, do you guys know any xbox 360 games with a similar vibe and look as Oni?


#2 09/09/16 14:09

From: NC, USA
Registered: 10/22/07

Re: Games similar to Oni? (XBOX 360)

I took a look over our Oni-like games thread for games that are available on the Xbox 360.  Cross-referencing the list of games over there against a list of 360 games, I get the following hits:

- Tomb Raider series
- Mirror's Edge
- Zone of the Enders (HD Collection)
- Devil May Cry (4 and HD Collection)
- Star Wars: The Force Unleashed
- Batman Arkham series
- X-Men Origins: Wolverine
- Dead to Rights: Retribution
- BloodRayne: Betrayal
- Beyond Good & Evil
- Dark Souls series

Of course, the similarity that these games have to Oni varies widely.  Some are similar in gameplay and other games are similar in other ways, so it will take some research to find out if any of these games are what you're looking for.

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#3 09/09/16 14:09

Registered: 09/01/16

Re: Games similar to Oni? (XBOX 360)

Thank you, for your suggestions once again, Iritscen!

if they would just release ONI as a HD edition ............. that would be epic!


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