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#1 03/04/16 17:03

Ninety Nine
Registered: 01/30/13

Mouse deadzone/over and underresponsiveness

Hello there again. I posted a very long time ago about some issues I had with Oni regarding keyboard input. Thankfully, I received help promptly and everything was gucci.

Unfortunately, trouble seems to have struck again for me. I'm using a newer, much more powerful build than last time and I'm having a very different problem.

I'm having a similar issue to previous reports on this forum regarding the mouse seeming to move "on a grid" but I'm also experiencing an incredibly heavy mouse deadzone. The aiming is relatively responsive if I swing it around at a consistent pace, though jerky and grid-like, but attempting to make any sort of microadjustments is impossible. It simply doesn't respond. Similarly, if I move the mouse fast enough (which really isn't very fast at all,) poor Konoko spins wildly out of control.

For the record, I have made sure my drivers and Windows are up to date. (Windows 7 SP1, Nvidia 750ti), and have tried enforcing V-sync and triple buffering in the Nvidia control panel. I even went so far as to crank up the anti-aliasing, anisotropic filtering, and so on. I also tried the single-core Oni.exe and disabling high DPI scaling.

Absolutely none of these have helped. If it might be of use, I am using a mouse with a native DPI of 400. Turning it up only exacerbates the problem.

Thanks in advance for any advice!

Edit: Silly me, I forgot to mention I'm using the latest version of AE with the launcher. My bad.

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#2 03/04/16 18:03

From: Denmark
Registered: 04/04/07

Re: Mouse deadzone/over and underresponsiveness

I used to have this problem, but only if I turned off vertical synchronisation manually. For some reason, I don't have that problem any more. I didn't have any problems playing the game at the native frame rate though. Someone else might be able to shed some light on this, I hope. tongue


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