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#1 12/25/15 23:12

Johnny Snake
Registered: 12/24/15

Shogo MAD moding

Hello Guys,

I really thought it was amazing what you guys did with AE for ONI.

I was wandering if you all like Shogo - MAD, another old game (an FPS) with strong anime stile. I remember that would be released two expansion packs for this amazing game, but they drop out, because Half Life and Sin had stole most of the fps gamers in that time.

Wouldn't be cool to mod this game too? Just a thought wink



#2 12/26/15 01:12

From: NC, USA
Registered: 10/22/07

Re: Shogo MAD moding

I remember that when Shogo came out, I was very interested in it; I think I enjoyed the demo.  But for some reason I never got the game.  I've been meaning to get it on GOG and play it some day.  There may be some other Shogo fans here, though.  Anyway, it looks like there are a lot of mods for it already, so maybe that's something to look into smile

Personally, I'm surprised to see that it had multiplayer; maybe I'm just too tired to remember right now (should be in bed), but I don't recall ever hearing that before.

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