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#1 01/22/14 13:01

From: somewhere in da Czech Republic
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(Thy) Kingdom Come: Deliverance - Kickstarter campaign

Hi fellow Oni fans,
it will be about a year ago since one of the most famous Czech game designers, Mr. Daniel Vávra (Mafia, Mafia II, Hidden&Dangerous), together with other quite famous Czech entertainment industry names (coders, level designers, artists) set a startup company revolving around realistic, open world medieval RPG game with deep combat system and believeable artificial world. They created a vertical slice of the game and went on a pitching tour (funny how pronounciation of the English word "pitching" is almost identical with the Czech word which translated into English means "bitching" ^_^).

Anyway, they as a small studio tried to present the project to publisher houses (EA, SquareEnix, Activision, Ubisoft) but nobody accepted the game, generally saying that realistic RPG (without spells and supernatural forces) is definitely not an interesting concept.

Guys didn't hang up the project, but turned on Kickstarter instead, hoping consumers will show interest so the project can continue.

Looking at slight parallel with Oni development (unusual concept in given gaming era, which is unfortunately threatened by time and money shortage and by publishers' "politics"), I am presenting here the Kickstarter page of the project.

Here is a promotional video material for those who are interested.
The company's blogs, available in English. In my opinion these are materials worth reading, especially early ones, which deal with game design questions.

If the project meets somebody's eye, don't be shy to take action. I will, as I would if there was this option for Oni back in 2000/2001 and Bungie took such a route.

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#2 01/22/14 16:01

From: Denmark
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Re: (Thy) Kingdom Come: Deliverance - Kickstarter campaign

Yeah, I just watched the trailer earlier today. Seems like a solid project. I'll definitely keep my eyes peeled on this one!


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