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#1 11/04/13 13:11

From: Dota 2
Registered: 04/27/13

Chatbox? A suggestion.

As you know, if people here need a reply or need to get something across they have to post a topic or reply. Though there are barely any members online most of the time, having a chat box would be real awesome to communicate much faster and freely as compared to the posts which are either edited *most of the time* or just basically well thought and polite as hell. I know of the IRC channel but i see it as hassle. I'm just a low member in this forum but i really want a chatbox to just convey stuff more freely than these topics and posts. I might be intoxicated on sleep as i write this and probably half asleep, so if it's rubbish or is been discussed previously. Sorry. DeathFrown, yo friendly gamer!

What does it matter? Even if the odds are against me, I'll do it, it doesn't matter.


#2 11/04/13 17:11

Registered: 01/14/07

Re: Chatbox? A suggestion.

As a forum the posts remain for future readings/readers while the talks in chat does not. You can always use the IRC for a more direct conversation without sticking a chat inside the forum.

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#3 11/04/13 18:11

From: NC, USA
Registered: 10/22/07

Re: Chatbox? A suggestion.

There are websites for joining an IRC channel like Mibbit.  I prefer using a proper client over the sites I've seen, but the sites are more convenient and make the experience like using a chatbox.

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