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#1 10/22/13 12:10

From: Romania, Bucharest
Registered: 10/26/09

Hardest Oni Mods

I want to replay Oni after a long pause of a few little years smile
What are the hardest difficulty increasing mods out there? Titan mod adds more enemies which kind of spoils the game, maybe some new AE release? I haven't followed the forum in 2-3 years I think, I'm glad I came back.

P.S.: Is Flatline in beta or even released already?


#2 10/22/13 13:10

From: Colorado
Registered: 10/17/08

Re: Hardest Oni Mods

Samer Megapack conversion adds some annoying enemies in later levels, like Golden TCTF troops and Casey as a boss. There's also Hanako and Hayate as bosses as well.

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#3 10/22/13 16:10

From: NC, USA
Registered: 10/22/07

Re: Hardest Oni Mods

Flatline never left alpha status, and it's no longer in active development.

Check out the Anniversary Edition Seven at ae.oni2.net!


#4 10/23/13 06:10

From: Dota 2
Registered: 04/27/13

Re: Hardest Oni Mods

I recommend Loser's Brutal AI mod, I've done a walkthrough playing against it in hard difficulty and it posed quite a bit of trouble with making a successful walkthrough. You can find my videos on this channel here

There is no commentary over the gameplay since i have no confidence in either my voice or accent to attract and have them stay just for that. This mod is hands down one of the most 'Brutal' mods.

What does it matter? Even if the odds are against me, I'll do it, it doesn't matter.


#5 10/23/13 06:10

From: Romania, Bucharest
Registered: 10/26/09

Re: Hardest Oni Mods

00050 Menu Fixes (AE)
02000 Globalization Fixes for Characters
02200 Custom Character Variants
02400 Airport Vehicle Fix
03000 Bomber Fix
04000 Widescreen Fixes
05000 Unlock All Moves
05100 Vanilla BSL
06000 Missing Sounds
11000 Better Weapons
21500 Brutal Konoko
21501 Brutal AI
22500 Daodanized Mukade
23950 Character Retexture
24100 HD Training Room Textures
24104 HQ Airport Textures
24240 Elite Tanker
24450 Bozzman's Barabas Retexture
24500 Better Consoles/Doors
24501 Better Warehouse & Training
26000 Konoko HD Armor
28000 Griffin HD
31510 Jumpable Earthquaker
32100 Complete Glass Mod
34000 Exploding Barrel
34090 Blood
42000 Dashing AI
45500 Dash Blur
52100 Fixed moves
55010 Barabas Draining Regeneration
70000 HD Screens
80260 De Dust Deluxe
99901 Head Shot Mod Demo

Try loading these up!

For some reason glass doesn't work even when it's the only mod installed (It worked in the past versions of AE, when damaging glass was separate). Also exploding barrels just makes them break like glass tongue
Chapter 3 was quite a challenge. I barely defeated barabas in 2 days trying (I think I wasted about an hour on feeble attempts of using his gun). Barabas is especially hard to kill with his regen and immense earthquaker damage.
I'm not going to tell you how I managed to do that smile .

I remember my very first memory of Oni was in a PC parts shop, someone had it loaded up. I was 5-6 years old then. The stylish blue menu appealed to me, also the purple hair (I had never seen an anime before). I wanted to load the latest save they had (ch. 3 save point 1 barabas) but they let me fool around the first level because barabas was "too hard for me". The hardest part I used to think it was the end of chapter 3, with the acid pool. First because it was a pain to get there with all those syndicate in one big arena and few hypos, and second because of impatience - I beat this level in no time today because I knew if I slipped off the platforms or bridge (with 1 hp xD) I would've had to restart the whole latter part of the level.
This is why oldschool games are great - they punish you for being a noob and make you learn from your mistakes.

At the end of the level I had exactly one (invisible) line of HP, I didn't bother killing the last striker because he could've messed up 10 mins for nothing. I'd love to see others try this!

I'm really sad Flatline isn't going to be more accessible any time soon, I tried installing it a long time ago and couldn't get it to work. It would have been great fun and bind the community closer and bring new people in.
Too bad the source code is still T2 interactive's property. Oni looks great with all these retextures, all it needed would be a level editor, better shaders and multiplayer. That would really be a dream come true.


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