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#51 06/16/13 12:06

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Re: PlayStation 4 Appreciation Station V. "4 > One"

Iritscen wrote:

Heh, I've pretty much never had technolust, but I am coveting that Mac Pro...

Despite it not being the most upgradable platform, it's a beast as such that you wont need one for a long time. To put it in perspective, in terms of TFLOPS (Trillion Float Point Ops Per Second) the PS4 does about 1.8, which is actually pretty weak. The Mac Pro does 7.

On a side note, AMD is makes the GPUs for both the Mac Pro and the PS4, as well as the Xbox One. Funding both sides of a war is profitable.

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#52 06/16/13 22:06

Jon God
Registered: 01/17/07

Re: PlayStation 4 Appreciation Station V. "4 > One"

And yet, when we get 10 years down the line, apps from the far back will no longer work due to apple's policy of patching out support for older stuff on OSX. sad

Darnit apple, you basically made the decision when I switched gaming from mac to Console years back.

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#53 06/24/13 16:06

From: Russia
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Re: PlayStation 4 Appreciation Station V. "4 > One"

Hotline Miami is getting released on the US PSN store in a few hours instead of the following day.

Pick it up if you guys have a PS3 and/or Vita w/ a US PSN account.



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