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#26 03/03/11 15:03

From: Germany
Registered: 01/14/07

Re: Oni doesn't start well

Line 2888 and such, "This level is not valid", "Could not load level 0". The animation corrupted the level archive it was in.

I reproduced the messed up body. It happens when you already have more than one root scene. You would have to do the step EdT told us (twice then) before you can use the right-click selection. One root scene hasn't a problem with right-click selection. (wow, yea strange) Okay, let's simplify: bones must be independent, then comes the selection and export stuff.

I don't see how to create long animation with the newer onisplit version so I will link you to this one.
"onisplit -create:tram target_folder source_folder/animation.dae"


#27 03/03/11 17:03

From: Croatia
Registered: 11/26/10

Re: Oni doesn't start well

Thanks people! smile
So, what was the mayor problem Scene_Root stuff, number of frames, bad importing, all of it or something else?
@paradox: You didn't put the pelvis on 0 Z coordinate, so animation doesn't look so good. I forgot to rotate tgt 180 degrees so now when target wants to come up he first rotate himself.
Animation needs some tweaks but it looks good. I didn't expect that it will turn out so well, I expected that I'll need to make some major changes smile
Again, thank you very much big_smile I hope this problem won't repeat when I try to make new animations.
EDIT: It was my mistake that I didn't put pelvis on 0 Z coordinate, you probably didn't saw that...

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#28 03/03/11 18:03

From: Los Angeles, CA
Registered: 01/13/07

Re: Oni doesn't start well

Nitr0: All the above smile

The easiest way to avoid the scene root issue is to save your TRAM as a scene.  Then once you cut the pelvis from the scene_root, it will remain that way.

The animation did turn out nice.  Keep at it, then you will be an expert at making TRAMs.


#29 03/04/11 11:03

From: Poland
Registered: 12/29/10

Re: Oni doesn't start well

Hmmm... A video?

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#30 03/04/11 15:03

From: Ottawa, Ontario - Canada
Registered: 05/29/07

Re: Oni doesn't start well

I think paradox was right when he refered to Quaternion w/e thing. That exact same thing happened happend to me when I was doing an animation, I had to go and make all the Rotation Keys continous.

The Scene_Root is a problem, but it won't cause your game to crash like that, but itll play havoc with your parts

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