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#1 02/20/18 10:02

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A view over Oni's history (in Russian, AE is mentioned)

I have just found this article which is an overview of oni's history:
https://ecogamer.ru/film-igra-2017/kylt … oriia-oni/

It is in russian but you can use google translate (putting the above url on there) to easily read it on English.

It is very interesting as it describes the roots, the technical problems and even mentions our community and oni 2. wink


#2 02/20/18 11:02

From: NC, USA
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Re: A view over Oni's history (in Russian, AE is mentioned)

Hmm, interesting.  The interview with Alex Okita is actually translated from the Glixel article I posted back here: http://oni.bungie.org/forum/viewtopic.php?id=3060

The Russian article, however, does not rip off, or even closely follow, the rest of the Glixel article.  It definitely goes its own way in documenting the game and our modding efforts.

Oddly, there's a couple mentions of Konoko not remembering her past.  That was the original plan for the story, but the final game doesn't say anything about missing memories -- it's just that Konoko doesn't think about the past very much and probably wouldn't remember her parents because she was too young.  Now, originally the game was going to focus more on those missing memories and be called Mnemonic Shadow.  The original (or temporary) plotline is here: http://wiki.oni2.net/Oni/Early_Story.  I'm not sure where the Ecogamer writer got the idea that 'the TCTF implanted her with the Chrysalis and erased the memory', though it's not implausible.

Anyway, overall this is a really good article that covers just about everything people need to know about Oni.

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