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#1 11/15/17 17:11

Proletarian Tears
From: Latvia
Registered: 11/15/17

8 years of development

Greetings, fellow enthusiasts!

   A good 8 years have passed after the last moment of me getting stuff done with the game. Funny enough, but the 12 years old me was quite deep (for that age) inside the community, mostly Russian, of course, but nevertheless. I have been making scripts for the game ( wanted to post a link to an old video presenting a script I have wrote, but the forum does not let me hmm ) , and trying to dig deeper into the core of the game, which, by the way, was an unachievable task for a young gentleman. At one point I was even registered here, but sadly I don't even remember the name under which I have posted things here.
   And just like that, after 8 years, now studying computer sciences at a university, I have decided that now is the time to return to the passion of my childhood! But after such a long period of time, I am afraid that an inconceivable amount of work have been done and I won't be able to keep up with that.

   I would be really pleased if somebody could give me an overview of the major things that have been done, and maybe of the projects that are in process right now. I think that would be a great opportunity to be consumed by nostalgia both for me, and for the hero that will help me smile

   And finally I have a more specific question. How is Konoko Payne doing? smile AFAK it has been frozen for several years, but considering that the last version I have played is ~9 years old, I believe some progress must have been made.

   Thanks to everybody on this forum for staying true to the game, and reigniting my passion! I believe feeling of nostalgia is going to overwhelm me in the upcoming days. By the way, I am wondering, are people from the old OniMia forum still here? demos_kratos, geyser? Are you all alive? big_smile


#2 11/15/17 19:11

From: NC, USA
Registered: 10/22/07

Re: 8 years of development

Hi, and welcome back.  You have to make 10 posts before you're allowed to post links, but you can mangle them a bit in order for them to get through as non-clickable text.

A lot has happened in the last 8 years, so it's hard to sum up.  I suggest clicking around the wiki and checking out the Anniversary Edition in particular.  Our modding abilities have gradually advanced bit by bit so that we can now create new levels as well as characters, weapons, etc.

Sorry to say, but Konoko Payne hasn't been in development for a while (see wiki article).  I haven't seen d_k in quite a while, and geyser more or less retired from the community several years ago.  You'll probably find a lot of new faces here compared to the last time you were around.

Check out the Anniversary Edition Seven at ae.oni2.net!


#3 11/16/17 05:11

Registered: 01/14/07

Re: 8 years of development

Hi Proletarian Tears,

Nice to see "old school" members again. Iritscen summed most of it.

I think a good starting point to become update with the current modding tools is by starting installing Anniversary Edition:

Then play some mods! You can get a nice overview of the advancements that were made by playing Old China or Wilderness Preserve - Hasegawa Adventure levels.

After that you can start touching the tools. I will post here the same text that I posted in Kerth's introduction thread:

s10k wrote:

Hi Kerth,

Nice to see old members returning.

I want to try making my own levels now since I have some experience with Google Sketchup and I'd like to try to at least make my own scripts too. And possibly model my own character. Is there anyway to do that for newbies?

You can.

For levels I suggest you the Edt's "Creating the Lair" tutorial:

It is really well done and you should be able to build a basic level quite fast. If you have any questions you can ask at that topic someone will answer your questions for sure.

For making characters you can check Samer's tutorial:

Same thing as level any question ask in that topic.

Some more tips:
For the level you will need to learn BSL (bungie script language) which allows you to make the level interactive:

You should also read the community introduction to oni modding here:

Also most of our documentation is in the wiki already referenced above here:

I am also creating a new level and I am learning a lot of new things. I had the idea to record some videos when I'm working in it with me narrating. I will try to use cross platform tools as much as possible so both Windows and Mac users can follow it. I plan to release them on youtube and oni2.net so others can learn from it. Also I plan to release all source files of my level so you guys can inspect all.

All of this will be released once the level is finished which will take a while.

Also maybe instead of start working in a new level I guess it would be easier to start by modding some existing level, editing an existing character or simply editing an existing weapon.

Also don't be afraid of asking us questions. We'll be glad to help you.

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#4 11/17/17 08:11

Registered: 02/13/15

Re: 8 years of development

Hi Proletarian Tears,

Unfortunately I'm not a modder so I won't be of any help. But just wanted to give a moral boost by saying it's awesome you want to get some new work done!  Can't wait!!


#5 11/19/17 19:11

Proletarian Tears
From: Latvia
Registered: 11/15/17

Re: 8 years of development

My bad, just realized that there is a specific place for "introductions", but well, let moderators decide what to make of that. Also, turns out it is quite a struggle to juggle all the things in your life and find time for your hobby when you are not a little child with all the time in the world. But I am here not to make excuses, I will try my best to find time for this, furthermore, modding Oni will be useful not just because I am interested, but also because it just so happens to be exactly in the field I am studying in, so that can help.

I guess this thread is no longer needed, I will try to start a new thread with a little idea I have regarding sounds in Oni, more specifically - lines said by our beloved characters.

P.S. 500 sounds in a level, on average, is quite a hassl­e


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