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#1 05/25/16 16:05

From: California
Registered: 04/08/16

Oni Programming

Hi everyone, I have a few years experience programming with various languages, including C++. I know that I'm way late - but I was wondering how one would get started with modding the game. Any friendly advice would be greatly appreciated! smile

Conozco Konoko.


#2 05/25/16 17:05

From: NC, USA
Registered: 10/22/07

Re: Oni Programming

Well, we attempted to write an introduction to modding on the wiki (it's on the front page), but it was never really finished.  How you get started depends on what you want to mod.  Generally, programming experience is helpful when writing new level scripts, if that's what you want to do.

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#3 05/31/16 19:05

From: Jamaica
Registered: 11/25/15

Re: Oni Programming

I started modding by modifying combos for my character (my character was a copy of another custom character at the time), then when I want my character to move the way I want with with the moves I want, I started practicing with animations in XSI mod tool. Some time after giving my character some of how own custom animations, I got tired of my character being a copy and wanted to make her own looks and costume, so got started in learning how to texture my model and working with UV maps. All of that makes up my custom character Naomi. And with each update I make new costumes and new moves for her. So it all started with what you want to do and there are tutorials here to help you get started. Not everything is in the tutorials, so you just have to experiment on stuff that catch your interest from to time to learn something new


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