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#1 05/04/16 01:05

From: Colorado
Registered: 10/17/08

What causes enemies to see you while cloaked?

There's been something that's been bothering for almost 10 years (eeeuugghhhhhhhhhhhhh), sometimes while cloaked enemies seem to ignore it and just go after me anyway. I understand they can see you when doing moves since the technology is limited and the cloaking seems to be in some early states but sometimes i'll avoid the enemy for a bit and cloak fully but they'll still come after me like I wasn't invisible, and often times it's only one enemy and the other won't do it. Is it an issue or is it something that causes it and I never fully learned it?

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#2 05/04/16 09:05

From: NC, USA
Registered: 10/22/07

Re: What causes enemies to see you while cloaked?

Maybe Loser will have a comprehensive answer to this, but I think it's a bug.  Performing attacks that actually hit the enemy will cause your cloak to drop for a moment, and if an AI sees you, they will know your position for a while even though your cloak is back up.  Sometimes it seems that the AI does not forget about you after a certain amount of time like they should.  Complicating the subject, though, is the fact that the AI also can track you by the sound of your footsteps.  That's only supposed to allow them to move towards your position, not see you so that they can attack you, though.

Probably BWest did not notice or take the time to fix this bug since the cloak doesn't last long enough for it to matter much (when you're not using "moonshadow").

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#3 05/17/16 12:05

From: Danmark
Registered: 10/24/15

Re: What causes enemies to see you while cloaked?

I'm not so sure it's a bug. Couldn't there simply be a few of the enemies that are programmed to be "immune" to the invisibility? Like Tom Bombadil in Lord of the Rings.

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#4 05/19/16 21:05

From: Jamaica
Registered: 11/25/15

Re: What causes enemies to see you while cloaked?

It's true. There are times when in Arena of hurt and I am standing still cloaked and enemies will come running at me and attack. The only way to get them to forget me is to knock them down and run until I go invisible again or just keep teleport dodging with my character until they just lose track of me


#5 07/02/16 10:07

From: somewhere in da Czech Republic
Registered: 01/14/07

Re: What causes enemies to see you while cloaked?

Enemies attacking you forever while cloaked is as far as my knowledge goes a bug in pursuit coding.

For example, if A.I. unit's last contact with a cloaked enemy is a melee hit, there's a solid chance the A.I. unit's pursuit behaviour will get glitched for some unknown reason and the A.I. unit will get infinite definite awareness of the cloaked enemy, hence attacking relentlessly regardless of the cloak.

The infinite definite awareness bug can happen as a result of various actions and situations. The most notable is of course the cloak scenario, since player expects the A.I. to respect the cloak.

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