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#1 12/22/14 20:12

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konoko in blender game engine

hey guys, as u know, i played around with the idea of fan remake of oni. so started playing around with the blender game engine. here is in game view of the oni model i made.


next step is rigging this character, hook her up to the BGE logic brick, and see if i can get her to walk.

hey guys, i didn't want to put too much time into modeling the character that's why she may not look very detailed. i mainly want to test out BGE physics engine by moving on to rigging. since i'm just one man, i can't make it perfect.

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#2 12/23/14 11:12

From: NC, USA
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Re: konoko in blender game engine

Heh, well I guess it makes sense to start with a simple model while you're making sure the system will work for you.  I'm not familiar with that part of Blender, personally, so I don't know what it can do.

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