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#1 09/07/14 14:09

Mri Bay
Registered: 04/24/14

sorry, oni has run out of memory

hello there

just now i started to run oni as usual, didnt install new mods or anything.
just started the ae and pressed launch oni.

then this message appeared
"sorry, oni has run out of memory"

has anyone else encountered this?

>implying i like oni


#2 09/07/14 16:09

From: Europe,Romania,Cluj
Registered: 04/25/13

Re: sorry, oni has run out of memory

well...are you sure you didn't install anything YET ? or you install something and then simply didn't want it anymore and just uncheck the box ? without desinstalling it ?...lol,that error often means oni hasn't got enough memory to run cuz..is full with mods xD

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#3 01/05/15 02:01

From: Seattle, WA, USA
Registered: 08/30/07

Re: sorry, oni has run out of memory

Um, this is the proper forum. Please don't backseat mod.

Mri: maybe try rerunning the installer?

You aren't low on RAM or anything, are you? smile

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#4 01/05/15 10:01

From: NC, USA
Registered: 10/22/07

Re: sorry, oni has run out of memory

That was part of the sticky post for this forum, it was a spam account.  Bahleeted.

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