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#1 01/17/14 02:01

From: Lebanon
Registered: 09/04/09

NEW CHARACTERS: ** Camo Guards ** Released on 17/1/2014

This package adds 6 new characters - 8 variants total.
A collection of guards in camo outfits that blend well with natural surroundings.
Intended for use with Wilderness Preserve level, but can be used for other purposes as well.

Their move sets are based on security guard, striker, tanker and elite ... + 2 mystery characters with mixed custom move sets.

2 mystery characters.

Download package 23350 through the AEinstaller.

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#2 01/17/14 18:01

From: Poland
Registered: 08/23/12

Re: NEW CHARACTERS: ** Camo Guards ** Released on 17/1/2014

Now that's something...

They look exactly how the WGC military should look like...in my opinion anyway

The only thing that look weird though(read: kill the camouflage effect), are thous yellow parts in chest and pelvis area. Other than that great job.

BTW. Did you consider adding jeeps,mobile armors or any other guard vehicles as the map filer/filers?

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