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#1 04/30/13 10:04

Registered: 07/21/12

Oni Anniversary Edition Letsplay on Youtube!

So I decided to come back in the action of Oni from my long break with a brand new letsplay series on youtube! Commentary will be in Finnish but I hope you dont mind.. I will add my youtube channel in this post when I get my first episode of Oni Anniversary Edition uploaded! smile


#2 04/30/13 11:04

From: Lebanon
Registered: 09/04/09

Re: Oni Anniversary Edition Letsplay on Youtube!

i really hope that you do the let's play with some new mods installed smile.
example better textures for the characters and levels and HD konoko.
or there's a mod called smp-conversion that will introduce new characters and make many changes to the original game. Example casey (the red haired guy in the lose screens is konoko's partner and fights along side her in some levels, the dream level has appearances by her parents, shinatama is guarded by a unique health regenerating fury ... The final battle is changed to be more epic.. Etc..) That way you're helping us showcase all the new stuff and doing the let's play at same time ...
since there are many let's play oni vidoes for the original game already and i don't think anyone doesn't know how to play it after all these years tongue

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#3 04/30/13 12:04

From: NC, USA
Registered: 10/22/07

Re: Oni Anniversary Edition Letsplay on Youtube!

Commentary will be in Finnish but I hope you dont mind

Not to be a jerk, but doesn't most of your country understand English? tongue

Check out the Anniversary Edition Seven at ae.oni2.net!


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