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#1 09/25/12 17:09

From: Lebanon
Registered: 09/04/09

Konoko Payne .. (?)

I've always wondered this, Pierre did some impressive work with that, but to be honest I haven't played it all through i got some bugs with controls and game freezing first time i tried it and didn't go far. My question is since he made such a good framework and got most of the characters and weapons and such in, why wasn't it adapted by the community and developed more, (i'm guessing the engine is better than oni's or easier to mod and such) why didn't more modders work on it ? The mods we're making today .. If they were made for konoko payne wouldn't have had more potential and less limitations and maybe a possible equivalent of an oni2 (we don't have to call it oni2 i've read the response why we can't make an oni2 100 times take2 or whoever owning the rights and all)
for me it's because when i joined all the available documentation and onisplit and the AE installer is for original oni .. But why not make similar stuff for konoko payne... If the proper tools were made available we can as a community develop it .. Import the new characters and make new levels for it and all that ...Was it ever considered ?
and did pierre abandon the project ? If so hope someone else continues it. (can't we ? .. I know nothing about programming but others who do if they can make the tools to mod\develop it available then I can help with the stuff that i know, textures and characters mainly)
and what are the similarities between it and oni .. Example are models 19 parts ? Particles and animations and such the way they work same as AE oni ?

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#2 09/26/12 15:09

From: Poland
Registered: 08/23/12

Re: Konoko Payne .. (?)

I'm not an expert here, and this is a guess , but probably Pierre uses for his game/project pay-up plug ins , and piece of codes. Maybe he want to continue by his own?Develop ideas he want and not the community?Or maybe this  project is created only for testing purposes for his major game?Until he give us precision to mod this game or work on it we can't do nothing.
Maybe we should start working on our engine instead? Blender game engine develop quite nice the last year..So maybe this is the time to jump on that?
Unity could be another possibility.
But if we will start working on something like this then more than one or two peoples are needed to make this project alive.Ba.. even started.
Think about this.


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