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#1 04/11/10 09:04

From: Toronto, ON
Registered: 03/10/08

Strange FPS Problem

Recently, I have been thinking of adding a few videos to my website, and tried to find a decent recording software. I have downloaded Fraps, and tried to record my game.

Usually, my game floats at around 130 FPS, sometimes goes up to 200.
After Fraps records, it runs at 5 FPS, which is unbearable.

Also, when I play against Muro, the flashy effects of his moves lag the crap out of my computer (Around 10 FPS).

Are you ready for the twist?
Well, ready or not, here it is: My computer is a moderately powerful computer, which can usually run CPU/GPU-Eating games games such as "Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2", "Team Fortress 2", "Half Life 2 Series", and many other modern games on full resolution (1680 x 1050), Maximum quality, X8 Anti-Aliasing, and X16 filtering mode, with around 60 FPS (No Lag).

Oni, on the other hand, without AA or Filtering, runs at 120 FPS, the same FPS "Counter-Strike:Source" runs on my computer, maxed out.

I have an Intel Duo Core running at 2.8GHz each,
with an ATI 4850HD 512MB video card,
and a very nice power brick that supports the video card.
I am also running on Windows 7 Ultimate.

People say that Fraps can record high quality video with no lag on a Duo Core computer, yet my computer lags down to 8 FPS on Oni!

What can possibly be the problem?

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#2 04/11/10 12:04

From: Seattle, WA, USA
Registered: 08/30/07

Re: Strange FPS Problem

Fraps can lag Oni badly. sad

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#3 04/11/10 12:04

From: Denmark
Registered: 04/04/07

Re: Strange FPS Problem

Seriously, 130 fps? That sounds odd, the game is set to sync every frame. I want to see your monitor! tongue
I'm having 85 fps constantly, have I missed something? yikes


#4 04/11/10 14:04

From: Russia, Volzhskiy
Registered: 08/13/08

Re: Strange FPS Problem

Use SnagIt, Striker. It doesn't lag at least. The best choice is to record without compressing (you can do it using Fraps too though). Then you should compress that damned big file with H.264 using VirtualDub.

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#5 04/11/10 16:04

From: NC, USA
Registered: 10/22/07

Re: Strange FPS Problem

I don't know Fraps, but I do know that you should definitely be recording uncompressed video if you aren't already.  Also, I needed to defrag my HD before I could record smooth video from Oni.  I think most people underestimate how much of an effect fragmentation can have.

I know the alternative option that sometimes comes up is to use Oni's Ctrl+Shift+L feature.  It's guaranteed to work if you use draw_every_frame, but it seems to me that you would lose the ability to sync audio to your movie if you used it.

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#6 04/12/10 14:04

Registered: 04/05/10

Re: Strange FPS Problem

is it also possible to use camstudio and hypercam.

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#7 04/12/10 14:04

From: Denmark
Registered: 04/04/07

Re: Strange FPS Problem

It's a standard application, so I don't think you would have any troubles.


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