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#26 03/15/18 20:03

From: NC, USA
Registered: 10/22/07

Re: Crash

s10k's links show that all the major malware detectors do not detect a threat on the site or in the installer.  It's not about whose antivirus is better; in fact, Symantec is listed there and also gives it a Clean rating.  It appears to be only Symantec's Safe Web service that thinks there is a problem.

I checked out the listing for the site and for the installer on Safe Web's site, and Norton thinks that one of the old versions of the Daodan DLL on SFeLi's subdomain is a specific virus, causing it to flag the whole site.  It isn't, and we used it reliably in the community for years.  Even if I removed that file, Safe Web has also determined through "heuristics" that the AE Setup v1.3 has an unknown type of virus.  I'm not sure why this false positive is occurring, as the Setup app doesn't even include the Daodan DLL.

As you can see here or here, the Safe Web service does not have good reviews because it falsely flags reputable sites.  My recommendation is to replace it with a more reliable antivirus program.  You can always try to get Oni working by installing the Daodan DLL manually, since that is the only patch you require, but I'm doubtful that NSW will allow any downloads from the Mod Depot.  If you want to try anyway, see the instructions here: http://mods.oni2.net/node/233.

P.S.: The Daodan DLL is open-source, so you can inspect the code or build it yourself: http://websvn.illy.bz/listing.php?repna … FDaodan%2F

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