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#26 05/14/22 17:05

From: NC, USA
Registered: 10/22/07

Re: Oni - Japanese version

You won't notice any difference in how the Windows version plays compared to the Mac version, but I have in fact run the Japanese Mac version on my G4 and it works fine.

Just note that G4s don't get great performance with their standard 3D cards; even smaller scenes in Oni barely get above 20fps on my 400Mhz model that has an ATI Rage 128.  Also note that if you give the application too much memory it will garble the in-game text; my app was asking for over 600 MB of RAM for some reason, so I dialed it down to 128 MB and it was fine.

I have in fact extracted the subtitles from the J. version already, so I could share them with you by email or Discord.  Is the Gmail address linked to your account here still current?

Check out the Anniversary Edition Seven at ae.oni2.net!


#27 05/15/22 01:05

Registered: 02/16/09

Re: Oni - Japanese version

You are right about the G4s. Even on my 867 I remember it being playable but not all that impressive, nothing like the OSX update with v-sync. I never knew that about the memory, though.

Yes, my email is still current. Thank you! I'll look for you guys in the Discord.


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