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Re: Oni: And Ever We Fight On

Denial - that is how most people deal with problems smile


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Re: Oni: And Ever We Fight On

December 4th, 2063. 7:34PM

Oslo, EPR

Club Voss

Alex Hoff

For being such a hidden away place I couldn't but wonder to myself how this hidden away nation could be so stunning. The streets here might as well be paved with gold. There was no placement of advertisements and propaganda to be found all over the place. No blimps going overhead with ads for the latest energy drink or lies about someone the WCG wanted put away. I felt like I stepped into a golden age of civilization in this city, an era before corruption. Well, except for the locals. Bunch of assholes. Not a few hours back some punks tried to beat me up and throw me in an alleyway, telling me to "turn back and go home, damned Imperialist". What a bunch of idiots, if you're going to shake someone down, don't wear a uniform with your name on it when you do so. If I was remembering correctly it was a Dahl and a Stahl. How nice, a rhyming pair of asshats. Maybe it wasn't the best idea to be downing shots and partying hard right now. I had a job to do, and someone was going to be pissed if I screwed it up on them.

There was my contact, "Mr. Big" up at the second floor bar, standing around, serving drinks to his patrons. And just a short distance from him, a golden-eyed female sipping a cocktail and leaning over the railing, staring down at the dance-floor below. I had to wait this one out a bit. Not when the code-phrase mentioned golden eyes, a bit too suspicious. And from looking at her I think "Femme Fatale" was a more fitting mark on her, and hell, those eyes reminded me too much of a wolf. It seemed the two up there had been talking to eachother, and just another reason to keep my wits about me. And hell, I didn't want to do this alone, I don't have the kind of experience in this that STARRT agents like Jager had, but Jager insisted that me going alone would attract less suspicion, but hell with that, two people tried to jump me on account of me being an "imperialist".

I decided I'd buy a few more drinks. Couldn't hurt, could it? Seemed to be Jager's miracle solution to everything. Well, until I lost track of time and found the gold-eyed woman gone already. Welp, only fifteen minutes lost, and this place didn't close until four in the morning. I gave another look at Mr. Big, only to begin feeling a presence behind me, forcing my sight to swing back around at the disturbance. Ah hell, I'm acting paranoid now. Just another patron. The most innocent shade of green in her eyes, charcoal-black hair, and those small, typical Asian shaped eyes that always grabbed my attention. She had herself one of those damned light-beers and then stopped drinking. I could have sworn she was looking at me a few times, and hell, she probably was. Wasn't like anyone was going to resist such an awesome man like me. Everyone used to say I had that kind of presence to me, at that, everyone said my sisters had that kind of presence to them too. Although now that I think about it, the stolen EPLF uniform I was wearing probably caught her attention towards me. Aaand I was right.

"Well, soldier-boy, what brings you around these dark parts of town this late at night?"

Shit, time to come up with an excuse, reeeal fast. Thank god I could speak Norwegian fluently. And French. And Japanese. And Russian. Oh yeah, and Arabic, came in real handy back in Egypt since noone else could, with Mr. STARRT agent who fully understands 25 languages missing on us.

"Well, I come here every time I'm on leave."

"Right, so I take it this is your first time on leave then, Sergeant Hoff? Never seen your face here before, Heishi."

I laughed for a moment. Come on, really? Don't switch languages mid sentence for god's sake, only confuses me and makes this place feel even more hostile.

"And how would you know that?"

"Oh, I guess I wouldn't then..."

"I never said I went here every time I was on leave before now. Just decided to switch things up for now on..."

She shook her head and had another drink of her beer. I got up to go to Mr. Big, only for her to grab my hand and stop me there and begin talking to me, trying to convince me against contacting him

"...Watch yourself around the Owner... Bad business... I hear he used to be a Syndicate muscleman twenty years ago..."


"...I'd recommend you avoid associating with him. I've heard that he's planning on working with some war-criminals to bust out an old terrorist leader. Could end badly for whoever gets involved..."

At that she let go of my hand and acted like she had never seen me before, continuing to drink her beer. I briskly moved away, trying to ignore her "Until next time, Heishi" she gave me in a smile as I distanced myself from her, up the stairs to where Mr. Big was relaxing behind the bar. I tapped two of my fingers down on the glass lining to catch his attention. A moment later he turned his entire sumo-wrestler build towards me with full attention. Well, time to give the phrase... And how fitting, I saw Kowalski leaning on the railing behind me, giving a grief-stricken look into my eyes, like I wronged her or something.

"We're here for that statue of the golden-eyed fox you put up for auction..."

He gave a large smirk towards me and laughed heavily for the next few seconds

"You say 'we'? How can it be 'we' when you're alone?"

I turned around over my shoulder and saw noone where Kowalski had been before. Goddamn, that alcohol wasn't doing me favors. Eh, I didn't like the idea of having that albino bitch behind me, and not with the fact she likely had mercury poisoning and might go ballistic at me for whatever I did. Probably didn't help that she was looking at me when she got sniped. For all I knew I might be a walking PTSD trigger for her now.

"...I don't have any time for technicalities, Mister B..."

"Fine then, suit yourself. I'll be in the room behind the bar. Employee door is unlocked."

After a minute of waiting to avoid any suspicions I strode toward the employee-only door, and found myself stayed yet again by that Asian woman. Jesus christ she was giving me more creeps than Kowalski playing dead (Or once, playing undead) ever did.

"...I'd recommend you make it easy for both of us and tell me where Sarai is... Else you're coming with me..."

Oh boy... Hehehe... Looks like someone had the wrong person. Great way for an undercover cop to blow their cover, eh?

"Well, I'm sorry Mam, I don't know of a Sarai. And for the record, the only way I'd ever come with you is if you planned to lay back and think of England"

"Oh you asshole!"

She let go of my hand, her mistake for grabbing with her right hand, and tried to slap me as I slid myself backwards, giving her the two Hand-guns and blowing off the nonexistent smoke as I smirked at her, slipping through the Employees-only door and locking it behind me. Hehe, some people just wanna watch the world burn, eh, don't they? Whatever. I turned around and met up with Mr. Big, who was busy retrieving two suitcases and a dossier.

Yesterday, December 3rd, 2063. 9:10PM

Paige Wollcroft

None of this could be her will. She was scared of who she was, and she knew it. Mick was nothing more than a bastard who used her for her power. He exploited her and turned her into someone who might as well be a monster... She had said it herself. Noone would ever let either of us just live a normal life. We were used, exploited, manipulated. Both of us were. Me by Phoenix, and her by Mick Hoover. She had became a monster because of Mick, no matter how she tried to word it. But it couldn't be too late to pull her back.


"...Why do you insist on call me tha- Fine. I'll let you, because I at least have the decency to bear that name..."

"But, why did you ever abandon it? Why did you go through with such a plan that could have killed you by all means? Why turn your back on who you are?"

Her face dulled as she heard that

"My my, Paige, I'd think you of all people would know the answer. We were losing. Doomed to subjugation by the WCG. Do you not remember seeing all those poor people gassed by the WCG that one day eleven years ago? Do you not remember getting shot in the back of the head, where you likely would have died had it not been for your comrades?.. And at that, I'm surprised that the power of the Kh' didn't spring to life in you after that... Why?"

"...Because I was strong willed... I didn't rely on power I didn't understand in order to fight on..."

"Emphasis on the 'Was' part there, Paige?"

"...You're right. I'll give you that one, Nicole..."

"And what happened to you that awoken it in you now? I've told you my story, why not yours?"

I stopped for a moment and chattered my teeth... Although now that I think about it, it couldn't be as bad as hers

"...I... Well... Got kicked into a pit of waste-disposal acid in a weapons manufacturing plant, along with a few other people. They died, I didn't. Simple"

"You sure that's it, Paige? You sure it didn't activate in you eleven years ago and you merely delayed it's gifts being bestowed upon you?"

I couldn't help but see her as right... I had delayed the inevitable... Worst mistake ever, possibly. I still had nightmares about lashing out and killing those two cops a few weeks back. It was like I lost control to a monster pent up in side me that was thirsty for death. Nevermind the fact that my nails were sharp enough to cut into their damned throats... No regrets about dulling those damned nails. I might kill myself if I found myself mercilessly killing someone like that again. I was surprised I didn't already, and now with Nicole... Damnit, now I had to think about how by all means I was supposed to be dead by the time I was twenty five from a terminal lung-disease caused by the pollution in the air with no Atmospheric Processors to filter them out back then. It stayed even after the processors were rebuilt, and I was reminded of it every time I had to take that damned inhaler. But now I outlived what was supposed to be my maximum lifespan by five years so far, and not a single sign of the disease for the past eleven years... And now here I was wishing that it wasn't so, that that illness had never left me, with all this guilt finally realizing itself inside me, between me spree-killing several people single-handed and the results of me abandoning Nicole to herself to be exploited. Noone would ever let us live a normal life, would they?

"You... You're right... Nicole..."

I began to drift to sleep with the alcohol taking it's toll on me, Nicole looked down at me, shaking her head solemnly, checking for her car keys as she continued to shake her head at Mick and me over both of us passing out.

"...Well, they certainly had too much to drink... And as usual, I have to leave the night-life scene early to drive the drunkards back home before they..."

At that, I finally passed out from all the alcohol. A tad bit late on that, eh? I wouldn't have to think about any of that had it worked when I wanted it to. Now to wait out in this boring lucid-dream void until I came to in a few more hours... Well, this was a lucid dream, guess I could pass the time deer hunting or something... But maybe with a damned hunting rifle this time and not as a wolf-- Goddamnit, I thought about it. Worst part of lucid dreams, you so much as to think about it, and it happens. Welp, time to screw around for the next few hours in this damned dream-world. Although the whole wolf thing kind of got old a week ago... Ah there we go, back to myself with a nice little Varmint rifle in my hands... Although, having lucid dreams every time I sleep kinda got boring the third time, but atleast it wasn't creeping me out anymore...

Thirty years ago. January 6th, 2033. 11:25PM

Tokyo, Japan

Abandoned Syndicate base


We finally had her cornered in here. Damned Kh'Voz. And at that, our number one enemy, Konoko, had fallen into this trap too. All too easy. The other agents fanned out, silenced Equalizers at the ready to gun down anyone unfortunate to be in here, be it Naomi Kojira, or Konoko. Whatever, we had them both trapped in here. I finally had my chance to prove that normal, combat experienced agents with real training would always outdo the most biologically enhanced of hostiles. I just wish that my opinion had been listened to in the first place. Jacob Butler looked up out one of the windows, aiming his flashlight up there for any movement.

"I don't know about you, Sarai, but... Ah hell, it's just paranoia. I always have the feeling I'm going to get sniped by a mercury bow by someone scoped in on a window one of these days. Besides, both of our targets are in here, no need to worry about either of them stalking us from a scope"

"Jacob, keep your quirks to yourself, atleast when we're busy like this in a dark old warehouse against two targets with home-field advantage..."

"Oh, yeah. Of course."

"Yeah... But hey, keep the professionalism for now. Come out of this in one piece for me, will you, Jacob?"

He smiled at me for a few moments as he began to scan around the room. I did the same, trying to keep my feelings out of the mission. Besides, I don't think the executives would take to kindly if they found out one of their top agents was falling in love with some crooked TCTF cop. To be honest I was slowly beginning to regret devoting my life to the BGI. Could have stayed an independent assassin-for-hire. And damn, this dress they made me wear was certainly not meant for combat. The leggings were too damned tight, and there was no way I would be chasing after someone like Konoko in these damned high-heels. Nevermind the fact that it was so damned revealing. Never felt comfortable in this skirt, too damned short, and I swore half the agents I was working with were all perverts. I wanted to kill them sometimes, but friendly-fire was anything but tolerated in this organisation. This sickening male-dominated organisation... Eugh. Whatever, had to focus on the mission, and not this... Uniform... That made me look like a whore. I sighed and kept looking around, waiting for one of them to find me, vice versa, or for one of the agents to radio in a sighting of one of them. Was going to be a long night, hunting down both Konoko and the dangerous Kh'Voz, Naomi Kojira, in the same building at the same time. I just prayed that one of them wasn't watching me from behind a Mercury Bow's scope...



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Re: Oni: And Ever We Fight On

Sarai is there yikes I gotta read this someday soon tongue

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Re: Oni: And Ever We Fight On

December 5th, 2063. 7:03PM

Oslo, EPR

Apartment 7G, Berg Finansiell Building

Alex Hoff

Whoa, damnit, nearly crushed the damned alarm clock bringing my fist down on the snooze button there. Goddamn that alarm noise was so obnoxious. I jammed my fingers into my eye sockets and dug out all the crust sticking in there. I could see our little pretentious STARRT agent, Jager, throwing another one of his cigarettes out the window without a care, same with Cashlin a moment later. Kowalski sat on the opposite side of the bed I was in, refusing to make eye contact with me, for god-know's-what reason. Just sitting there, shaking. Ugh, was probably the freezing air outside.

"Jager, for god's sake, close the damned window before-"

He slammed it shut and looked over at me, face dull as ever. We both looked over at Kowalski for a moment, wondering what was wrong with her. Couldn't have been the cold now.

"...Kolo, what's wrong?"

"Just a... Recurring nightmare..."

"About what?"


Jager began to facepalm and sat down in the chair next to the bed we were in.

"Kolo, for god's sake, stop thinking about... About whatever's been causing that nightmare. You made me ditch one of the best sniper rifles ever for that dinky DMR... You do realize a L-IAR's range is only three fourths that of an MBR7?"


She shook her head in disbelief, her face blank yet again. She finally looked towards us, but still, it seemed as if she was deliberately avoiding looking at my eyes... Oh come on! Cashlin began laughing before he lit another cigarette again, obviously seeing that Kowalski was trying her damnedest to avoid seeing me.

"Typical, hehe... Queen bitc..."

"Dano-... Ugh... Cashlin. For the love of god..."

"Kowalski... Forget about Danovik. Consider that asshole dead, will you? He's a traitor, and at large."

Jager gave an intent stare towards Kowalski as he finished his sentence, bringing her to shake her head again, followed up by her, fucking finally, looking at me. Goddamn, was it that time of the month for her that she refused to look at me or something?

"Yeah... Dead... And you probably executed him in cold blood, Hoff... Like any other k-"

Jager quickly brought his hand to Kowalski's mouth, silencing her, and taking a briefcase out from behind her.

"Forget about it, Kowalski. Stay focused on the mission. Turns out we're going to be doing an exchange, right on a bridge too... Folda, specifically. It's going to be a few hours drive there."

"Any specifics?"

"The Sentinels will hand us over Hasegawa..."

"For who?"

"Sarai. Notice the problem here? We don't have a Sarai, but I'm sure as hell not in a position to tell them that. Kowalski, you'll be going in as the bait, since they're expecting a female."

"What, why?"

"Relax, I've brought in some backup, courtesy of Nash. We get Hasegawa, and then our force swoops in an eliminates the Sentinels involved in the exchange. They'll be in position to ambush the exchange by seventeen-hundred hours, just an hour before the exchange occurs."

We all got up, as Jager put the briefcase back.

"Until then, relax, get some RnR, meet the locals, whatever. I expect you all back by three-thirty though, we move out then."

Cashlin began laughing and pulled out his UniTool, beckoning me and Kowalski over to him. Bit of a jerkass right now, but whatever. I didn't care. I doubt Kowalski did.

"So, how you two want to waste the next few hours before we go? Got plenty of movies on my UniTool."

"Like what, Cashlin?"

"Underworld... Twi-"

I took his UniTool out of his hands and began inspecting his list of movies on his harddrive. Goddamn, this list was shit. Kill it with fire, why don't we?

"Cashlin, did I tell you that you have a horrible taste in movies? What is this shit here? Jesus fuck, goddamn, Cashlin."

"Uhh, I can explain! My wife had those installed!"

"Bullshit. Jack and Jill? Twilight? Total Recall? Resident Evil? Alone In The Dark? I can understand liking old movies, since they're obviously always better than all the new shit. But goddamn, you have all the horrible old movies. You are bad and you should feel bad."

"Come on, don't be an ass, Hoff!"

"Look who's talking. Well, atleast you have a few good movies in here, I suppose that somewhat redeems you. The Godfather? Loved it. Goodfellas? Same. Underworld? Eh, close enough. The Room? Possibly the best goddamned comedy I've ever watched."

"Hoff, quit looking through my things!"

"Oh nice, you're a weaboo too, in addition to having a collection filled primarily with horrible movies. What is this shit? Fuckin' disgrace, ain't ya? Gundam? Bleach? Valkyria-"

Cashlin ripped his UniTool out of my hands, quickly placing it in his pocket

"Hoff, for fuck's sake, stop being an asshole! Fine, I get it, you don't want to see a movie right now"

Kowalski put her hand on my shoulder, still avoiding eye contact

"He's right, Alex. You really shouldn't be judging people off their tastes since... Forget it..."

"Since what?"

"It's nothing, Alex..."

Could'a sworn I saw tears going down her face. Oh for god's sake. Cry me a river. Ya got shot with a mercury bow. You're alive still, congratz. Rub some dirt on the residual mercury poisoning, that'll clear it up. Ah screw it, I was getting distracted. I  strode out of the room quickly to go get myself some breakfast at one of the local restaurants. Damn, looking at that movie collection made me realize how hungry I was. And seriously, Cashlin calling me an ass? I don't recall myself trolling Kowalski over her being albino, like he does all the time. Goddamn, I could have sworn half those movies were on his HDD just for the sake of trolling Kowalski. He better keep his damned hands off of her while I'm gone. Ah, forget it, screw it all. If we're still acting like this when it comes time to rescue Hasegawa, thing's are going to go to hell in a handbasket real fast. Just. Stay. Focused. On the mission. Yeah... Just think happy thoughts. Ah screw it, my thoughts are drifting. Again. Isn't that right, voice-in-me-head?



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Re: Oni: And Ever We Fight On

December 6th, 2063. 4:55PM


Alex Hoff

Guns loaded, shields charged, Tacnet connections optimized, we we're ready enough. From the looks of it, we were up against barely seven mercs, who seemed to be awfully underequipped. Oh boy were these bastards in for a big surprise. Seven people weren't going to hold off several squads. I checked out their group in my binoculars, just a bunch of losers from the looks of it. There was that one bitch from the bar two days ago, those fucking golden eyes. Then those Dahl and Stahl assholes next to her.

Some typical desert rat sat around by the side, chewing something. Great, we had a firestarter here too. Damned Iranian bastards nearly destroyed the world once during the Third Great War fifty years ago with their E1K weapons, and then came the Atmos-Processors to clean up the poison left over from their usage. Or, atleast that's what the history books said. Who was I kidding? The history books also said they left half of Europe uninhabitable, and this land looked quite inhabitable (And inhabited) to me.

The last three looks like some typical dumb mooks, just some dumb redhead, who promptly fit a gas-mask helmet on and looked immediately identical to the other two gas-mask clad mercs. Whatever, we all unloaded out of the car, me pulling Kowalski out as she faked her hands behind her back in handcuffs. It would fool them long enough, and it was a nice way to hide a pistol for her. I escorted Kowalski down the bridge, as Cashlin looked around our rear, and Jager took the lead in front of us, his bright, white uniform flowing in the breeze here.

Jager and the goldie-eyes met up first, giving eachother intent and angered stares. The gas-masked redhead escorted Hasegawa towards us, pointing a rifle behind her back. I did the same, pushing Kowalski towards the gold-eyes as Hasegawa walked past me, hyperventilating and trying to keep her gray hair from getting messed up by the wind. Don't know why the hell we needed this old woman, we could do just fine without her. The goldie-eyes began to laugh as we finished our approach. Jager began to respond immediately

"So, you're the one they referred to as 'Eternal'?"

"Indeed. And you, Jager? Hunter? Meh. Looks more like 'prey' to me."

She faintly smiled and closed her eyes, I could have sworn I heard a light growl from her.

"...I see the documentation on the Kh'Voz was correct..."

"Meh... Such documentation is an insult, as are abominations like you and Hasegawa."

"Abominations. Says the one who's life consists of hunting the most dangerous game..."

"You say that like an insult. Your existence alone is insult enough. You are lucky that I have not torn your throat out at this point."

Jager backed off as "Eternal" began to growl at him again. I pushed Kowalski closer forward as Eternal began to direct her anger towards Kowalski, ah hell, could'a sworn I saw her eyes begin to glow with anger. Well, let's hope Kowalski could act the part well enough till backup arrived. Well, this woman was what a Kh'Voz was? Looks like I wouldn't need to ask Kowalski for whatever biased definition she had, now that I had some bitch to see for myself.

"So. You are the one. Sarai. Oh I can't wait for the many hours of your suffering. And my revenge..."

"For what, you monster? Everything seems to be an insult and sin against your kind."

"I care for my own, and I must, for our future. You have hunted, and murdered my kind for too long, and I will bring an end to that, Sarai."

The hell? This was beginning to sound all too familiar to that one movie I watched on Cashlin's UniTool. Forgot which one it was though, was too drunk, courtesy of Jager. Eternal began to light a cigarette and close her eyes as she laughed.

"Well, Ms. Ivanov... No clones to replace you this time, how's it feel? This time you'll stay dead. Doesn't it feel... Liberating? To be free from exploitation?"

"You don't understand the value of life, do you, Eternal?"

"Oh I do, you misunderstand me here. But what's a life worth when it's constantly exploited? When not even death could help that life escape? The bliss of oblivion replaced by the hells of the Earth in an instant. You must have quite the stories. Assassinating Hitler and his wife? Poisoning Stalin? Sniping Kennedy? Faking Kim Jong-Il's heart-attack? The systematic serial killing of the Kh'Voz?"

"Indeed, living the life of the perfect assassin, is there a problem?"

"Don't you think it was too perfect? So perfect that they cloned you so not even death could end your spree?"

"As I recall, I opted in for that."

"What drove you? The thrill?"

Jesus this was taking way too long. A whole five minutes behind schedule. I was getting tired of this and quickly gave Kowalski the signal to pull out her pistol.

"...I don't know... Maybe the fact that..."

Kowalski swung her arms around and aimed the Equalizer at Eternal

"You just fell for the trap!"

Eternal was unfazed by the pistol, instead smacking it to the ground and putting her fingertips upon Kowalski's throat.

"I wouldn't recommend that, Ivanov. I could slide my fingers right now and slit your throat instantly."

Ah hell. Not going to plan... Shit... The other mercs began to walk forward, ready to grab and bag Kowalski. A bit behind schedule though, as the cavalry had arrived. One of our dropships dropped down behind them, now completely  surrounding the mercs between us and the other Raiders. Eternal began to growl again, lowering her fingers from Kowalski's throat and snarling.

"You win this one... But not next time."

Nash himself walked in, pointing a plasma rifle at Eternal. The mercs quickly dropped their antiquated and inferior M416 rifles and began to put their hands in the air as they dropped to their knees. Bunch a' fuckin' cowards. Eternal was obviously displeased, maybe it was just in Kh'Voz nature to not surrender. Kowalski backed off and kicked her Equalizer up into her hand before Eternal could react.

"...Nice acting there, Kolo. She didn't see it coming."

"You cowards! Stand and fight!"

Eternal swung her hand around gracefully past one of the gas-masked mercs and grabbed his rifle off of the ground as he drifted to the ground. Jesus christ, how sharp were those nails? Poor bastard's throat had a swift cut through it like it'd just been slit with any combat knife. She aimed her rifle towards me and stared into my eyes, probably because I had just muttered to Kowalski about her AAA acting.

"You. Why do you work with these people? You betray yourself."

"Betray myself? You mind speakin' it in English for me?"

Her eyes began to almost glow, probably since she noticed Nash and his men advancing from behind. I could see the fire in her eyes. The fire of rage. What a bitch.

"Are you blind to yourself? Is ignorance bliss for you? Do you not realize that everyone you work with holds contempt for you? Do you not know what, no, who you are?"

Nash began to aim his plasma rifle, loading an E1K energy-cell into it and preparing to fire.

"Drop the weapon, Eternal, and you go free. Think on it. Don't you want to live on, to propagate the lies and genes of the Kh'Voz?"

"You underestimate me, Nash..."

She gave a hand signal to one of the mercs who quickly aimed his rifle at Nash, stopping him. She quickly swiped off the snow from her M416 and checked the magazine as she aimed down the sight. Shit. Come on, someone take the damned shot. I could've sworn I saw a tear in her eye there.

"I don't want to harm you, but I have to..."

"Drop the weapon!"

"...Just relax, and I can protect you... From them... From Sarai..."

I began to slowly back up, trying to reach for my rifle strapped on my back. I fumbled and ended up grabbing my UniTool again. Dumb move. Why the hell did I put my UniTool there?! Goddamnit, only move now was to run. Last thing I wanted to do.

"...I'm sorry... Forgive me..."

She squeezed the trigger of the rifle for a moment, firing off a single round at me. Son of a- A sharp pain overtook the freezing sensations from the cold out here. I couldn't tell what was worse now. The frostbite, or getting shot in the chest. I lost feeling and blacked out. Egh, was I still alive? Or was this oblivion the end?

Aaron Jager

Son of a bitch! Why the hell didn't Nash shoot her? He had the perfect shot there!

"Man down!"

I fired my L-IAR off at her, missing every shot as she swiftly strafed over. The other Sentinels quickly jumped to action, aiming their rifles and gunning down our reinforcements as they were off-guard. I got down as she fired another shot at me, likely aimed at my head, judging from the smooth whisp past my ear. I pulled Hoff back from the open area into cover. Goddamnit, he was in shock already. Cashlin fired off an entire magazine from his HRAR into the Sentinels, only managing to kill one of them before he fell back to the car, leaving the rest of us here.

I heard Eternal growl something and bark some orders at the other Sentinels. I grabbed a hypospray and injected the medigel into Hoff's chest, but I doubt it did much to help, if anything at all. Kowalski took cover with me, getting out of the crossfire between our reinforcements and the Sentinels.

"...Well Kowalski, looks like the Kh'Voz problem has been dealt with... Not how I was expecting... But it looks a lot better than you fragging him..."

"...Aaron, if anything, the problem just became many times worse."

"What do you mean? He's going to die. Problem solved."

"You don't understand, the Kh'Voz don't truly become dangerous until their bodies are pushed to the edge of their existence. In a week's time he's going to wake from that coma more dangerous than ever... Like Eternal..."

"I was hoping that the best of his abilities would simply being able to read Kh' script..."

"And I was hoping it wouldn't come to this..."

I handed Kowalski another ballistic mag to replace the one she expended firing at the Sentinels. She loaded it in and cocked it, looking around for Sentinels

"Well, you could just kill him now. A bullet in the head, and we don't have to deal with him. Right?"

"You're right... But... I just can't do it to him. I can't kill him. Not like this. Not to him. He's... He's my... Forget it. It's... Nothing. How the hell did she know he was a Kh'Voz?"

She ducked out of cover, firing off a few shots at the Sentinels, who hadn't taken a loss yet except for the one Cashlin hit and the one Eternal fragged for cowardice. Eternal began to bark orders again to the Sentinels.

"Retreat. We will fight another day."

"Mam, where to? We're surrounded!"

"Surrounded is subjective. Go the only way you can go."

The Sentinels began to hesitate, shaking as the bullets flew past them. Hasegawa took the Equalizer from Kowalski and began to fire off more shots, hitting one of them in the knee. Well, that encouraged them. Just not in the way I expected. One of them jumped over the side of the bridge, yelling that he prayed he didn't drown. A moment of hesitation late, the other three jumped over into the river below, leaving Eternal as the last of them standing on the bridge, looking towards us. Everyone got up and aimed down at her, ready to gun her down. She backed up to the ledge, standing on it.

"You dare harm him, Sarai Ivanov, and I will kill you, slowly, and painfully. You will know hell beyond what you can imag-"

We all began firing off at her, wasting entire mags as she put her arms out and fell backwards into the river below, closing her eyes as the bullets flew past her. I checked Hoff, who now was in what looked to be a coma from his wound. Dumbass forgot to raise his shields before the shots were fired. I wanted to shoot him now so I wouldn't have to deal with him in a week's time, but in-between Eternal's threat and Kowalski refusing to shoot him I decided not to. Goddamnit. Kowalski looked down at him, more sad than angry when she looked at him. A bit unexpected after she stormed off after her discovery a few days back.

"Don't die on me Alex... Well, what are you waiting for Jager? Get him in the car. I'm not leaving him here."

"Fine. Fine. Why the sudden one-eighty, Kolo? What happened to the ' Kh'Voz are monsters ' thing you had going? Some sort of denial?"

"You wouldn't understand, Jager..."

I lifted Hoff over my shoulder, moving him over to the car as I gave a thumbs up to Nash that we had Hasegawa and were ready to go. He nodded and boarded the dropship he came in on, getting ready to go over to the camp he'd set up in yesterday. I dropped Hoff into the back seat, and Kowalski quickly sat next to him, followed by Hasegawa. Cashlin was already sitting in the shotgun seat, nearly pissing himself as I jumped into the seat to drive. Well, time to get away from this nightmare and back to that apartment back in Oslo. I swore if Hoff turned on me for some reason, be it violently or manipulative, I would strike him down mercilessly, regardless of Eternal's hollow threats. I'd already been manipulated and nearly killed by two different Kh'Voz, and I wouldn't let this new Kh'Voz try it on me.

But hell, now I was asking myself. Why were we fighting the Sentinels? We should be fighting that bastard Sorin and his overbloated army of soldiers and WCG agents. I know it would feel wrong to kill my former comrades from the military and STARRT, but it had to be done. I just wanted to see home again, I wanted to see the WCG gone, and nations ran by their own people, and not by an international conglomerate of that was foreign. I bet that's how the Verstosenen felt, and that was why they fought the EPR government. Hell, I would too if I was independent from the WCG only to find another empire ruling over my land, stripping me and my people of their autonomy. Well, whatever, had to think in the here and now. We'd fight the WCG bastards soon enough. Let's just hope Hoff being a Kh'Voz didn't get in the way, unless of course making use of Hoff was Nash's intention all along, since Kowalski and Nash had been arguing about it.



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Re: Oni: And Ever We Fight On

Six days later. December 12th, 2063. 2:15PM

Oslo, EPR

Apartment 7G

Mick Hoover

The entire place here was dead. Just that, dead. Those rogue WCG troops were nowhere to be found around here. Well, time to make use of that before they came back. Eternal lead the way as I hung back and kept lookout for any movement or witnesses. Noone yet, thank god. I've been in too many messy situations with witnesses before and this place was too densely packed to afford gunning down a few civilians. Besides, this was a pretty nice apartment building from the looks of it. Wide halls, high ceilings, bright lighting, and heavenly white painted walls. The apartment that those rogues had been staying in was even better. Everything suddenly opened up and I thought I was in any normal bourgeois home. The ceiling went up to atleast two whole floors, along with a second-story deck above our heads, housing a kitchen and table. Down here was an immaculate gray carpet, so comfortable I wanted to rest here and lie down on it instead right now, or at least take my shoes off. In the center of the room was a lowered pit area with a TV in it, precluding the need for a couch when the floor made a couch shape on it's own. Damn, I should consider getting an apartment like this sometime, besides, I had more than enough salary to afford this, and hell, I was a bit too conservative with my money all the time. I gave myself a moment to admire the room, basking in the sunlight coming in from the grand windows on the walls, which completely lit the entire room better than any lightbulb ever would.

Well, enough of that. I had a job to do, and staring at the beauty here wasn't going to do it. There were a few beds on the other side of the room, enough for maybe six people living in here, and with that, the person we came here for. I waved Eternal over here and began to check the man lying on the bed. He was comatose state, just lying there, as he was supposed to. I pulled his shirt up and removed the bandaging across his chest, and peeled off dried medigel that didn't get hypo-injected properly. No visible wounds were anywhere to be seen where he was shot, no evidence of even being wounded at all, apart from him being in such deep rest. All going to plan, and here I was asking myself why I was ever worried she might have had the wrong mark. So, this really was the guy who opened up that vault that the Verstosenen had, and Echo's superior espionage skills had proven correct yet again. Eternal came over and laid her hand upon him, closing her eyes as she knelt down to his ear and began speaking in Kh'Zyk. Glad I knew the language. Hell, I was probably one of the only non-Kh'Voz who could understand it, maybe even the only.

"...I was the last thing he ever saw... And I shall be the first thing you ever see..."

All right. Creepy. I didn't know if she was trying to subconsciously influence him for when he woke up, but whatever. But I certainly didn't whisper in her ear when she was like this after she stuffed down those cyanide pills. I don't think I'll ever understand her. Ah hell, none of these past nine years went to plan at all. How'd I go from guiding her and admittedly using her, to being her damned pet. I wasn't no Ascendancy chewtoy, this wasn't supposed to happen!

"...You are everything above them. Do not let them drag you down. Do not give them your trust... They will betray you if you stay with them... Come to me, and find victory, everlasting. Follow the grace of the Kh'Voz as is your destiny... And you shall be safe with us, under our wing. Safe from Sarai, and all those who seek the subjugation of the Kh'Voz... Do not fear what you are, embrace it, and take on this world anew..."

She stood up and opened her eyes, them shimmering in an ecstasy now as she laughed for a light moment, running her nails, eh, talons over the wood countertop beside her, leaving a distinct scratch through the wood as she stared idly ahead and walked aimlessly forward, only stopping to deliver me instructions, still in Kh'Zyk

"...Take him with us, I do not want any extraneous variables in the way of us and the newly awoken..."

I nodded at her and proceeded to carry the man in my arms, as we proceeded to leave. When we were finally back downstairs I placed him in the back seat of the car and began to light a cigarette before we left for Eternal's home outside of town. Well, all went smoother than expected. Now, we wait until he fully awakens...


Aaron Jager

I yawned, passing through the door into the apartment, looking around for something to do until tomorrow. Hasegawa made herself at home immediately and began to eat a slice of pizza before grabbing the TV remote. I glanced over at Kowalski, who had such a worried look on her face. As always.

"What's wrong, Kolo?"

"He's... He's gone!"

"Whaddaya mean he's gone?"

"He's not here on the bed!"

I got up from the stool and looked over at the bed we had him laying on the past few days. His bandages littered the floor below the bed, along with scraped off medigel. His UniTool was still by the bedside, which he likely forgot

"Well, he finally woke up, didn't he? Maybe he's just going out for a stroll, and left before we got back..."

"This is bad..."

"It ain't bad, Kowalski, that just means we don't have to deal with the elephant in the room now. He's alive, out of our hair, and we didn't have to put a round through his skull as he tries to tear us apart. It's a win win for all."

"Don't you even dare joke about it Jager!"

Hasegawa got done with her pizza slice and got up to join in, also worried like Kowalski. For god's sake, now the old lady was telling me off?

"If anything, he was likely kidnapped by the Eternal to be indoctrinated by her. The moment he realizes he's like her, you'd better know that he'd listen to her right away. Which is exactly why we should have killed him right away, Kowalski."

Well, looks like she wasn't railing against me. Good. And a good point too.

"Yeah, Kowalski, why the sudden turnaround? You go soft? Unwilling to accept that Hoff is a danger to us all? What happened to your hatred for the Kh'Voz and your plan to kill them all?"

"No... I just..."

"Just what?!"

"I just know one thing. Hate isn't going to solve anything... He's not a monster! Give him a chance!"

Hasegawa slapped Kowalski across the face, leaving a massive red mark over the left side of her face as Kowalski looked sullenly at both of us

"You... You've changed, Mai... Why?"

"I made the mistake of letting a Kh'Voz live thirty years ago, all over guilt and regrets..."

"I'm well aware... But please. Please don't hurt him..."

Tears rolled down Kowalski's face as she begged to us over how to handle Hoff. For god's sake...

"Kowalski, you never got detoxed after getting shot with that Mercury Bow. I'd highly recommend you get some rest before mercury poisoning continues to affect your performance. That is an order."

"Both of you. You are the ones who've changed, not me! Do you not feel shame? I never hated the Kh'Voz... I did them a favor! Saving them from a horrible life of uncontrollable killing urges and exploitation by those of power."

"That's bullshit! You said it yourself, the Kh'Voz are the manipulators, not the manipulated!"

"...A regretful generalization... I know Hoff won't betray us! I've known him since I first enlisted!"

"Fine... I'll give you that much, Kowalski. But if he comes back here and shows even the slightest sign of stabbing us in the back, then that's it."

Hasegawa began to shake her head in anger, her eyes flashing an enraged purple for a moment before fading back to green as she briskly walked over to me

"What are you thinking? The Kh'Voz look down on us like rats, like prey! We cannot take these chances!"

Kowalski backed off, now angered instead of depressed

"I'd say prematurely executing a terrorist attack in hopes of it being less effective is taking a much greater chance than letting someone live!"

Hasegawa's eyes flashed to purple again, staying that way and glowing this time instead of simply fading back a moment later. Her face was gripped with rage as she ripped an Equalizer out of her holster and held it to Kowalski's head. Well, I see someone hadn't had much Sytropin in the past few weeks to keep that under control.

"You! Don't you dare mention that! I followed my orders!"

"Go on, tell yourself that, Konoko, but we both know you did that on your own volition. Do you know the value of life? Or did Griffin and the WCG strip you of that understanding when they made you their person monster?"

"Don't you dare say those names! I won't hesitate to pull the trigger!"

Christ. I lit a cigarette again and got ready to make a mad-dash out of here so I wouldn't be around when the cops came if Hasegawa or Kowalski murdered eachother. No need to get myself in this, I wasn't intent on getting arrested in the EPR, god knows they'd sell me out to the WCG where I'd likely get the firing squad. I was surprised we weren't arrested already after that shootout on the bridge, althought it's likely the Sentinels paid the police off to declare the deaths there a "mass suicide". Christ, I hated capitalism when it became like this. The EPR, what an amazingly corrupt nation.

"Go ahead then. Put another corpse on your conscience, Konoko."

As I got ready to make a run for it Hasegawa finally came to her senses, dropping the pistol to instead slap Kowalski again. What a relief. I'd be pissed if I had to abandon this apartment and join Nash at his camp in the freezing wilderness, all because of a catfight.

"Good to see you made the right choice... Mai. Now why don't you drop your view on the Kh'Voz?"

"That would be utterly irresponsible. I'm not making that mistake again."

"Letting Naomi Kojira go free? If anything, you made the right choice then. I mean, she was preg-"

"Don't get started on that. If anything, that was all the more reason to kill her, considering her three daughters are even more dangerous than she ever was."

"Oh yes, indeed. I'd expect nothing less considering that the father of two of them was a Double-O agent in MI6 before the WCG came along..."

"Argh, don't get me started on J.B. Wollcroft. That bastard was responsible for many Syndicate attacks after Muro's death. Shame we never caught him."

"And what if I told you that one of her daughters was your niece?"

"Then I'd tell you you were lying, because I don't have any family."

"Eh, whatever..."

I tapped my cigarette out on my ashtray and pulled a beer out of the fridge as Kowalski walked around towards me inquisitively. Great, she wasn't going to start another argument after she nearly got shot in the head, was she? I cracked open the beer and began to drink at it right away before she could start her sentence. Damn alcohol wasn't going to have much effect, but whatever, I didn't care.

"Well, Jager, what are you going to do now? I say we stay here and wait for orders until Hoff comes back, and then, you're going to give him another chance. He didn't choose what he is, and I swear on my life he won't turn on us randomly as you fear, at least not with me around."

"You can't be sure, Kowalski. The Kh'Voz have a track record of killing on instinct. He might not lay a finger on you, but you're forgetting that he could very well attack us and spare you."

"Both of you, lock it down. We're staying here as per orders, and we are not going anywhere else until we are directed so by Commander Nash, is that understood? As for handling Hoff-"

<Follow Kowalski's view> "I'll give him a chance, he deserves that one. But as I said before, if he begins to act aggressive towards us at random I will not hesitate to put him out of his misery"

<Follow Hasegawa's view> "It's not worth the risk. If we meet him, we're putting him down. And if you can't pull the trigger on him, Kowalski, then I will. I can't take chances, and you know that."



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Re: Oni: And Ever We Fight On

Unknown time

Unknown location

Alex Hoff

In an instant I opened my eyes and looked around the room, numb as hell from whatever had gotten me. There was a hell of a Deja Vu feeling to this, but I couldn't for the life of me figure out what it was exactly. My surroundings looked nice and homey, real bourgeois crap, like that one apartment Jager had us staying in. The leather sofa I had been laying on was in prime condition, and sunlight entered through the various windows, reflecting on the immaculate white carpet below my feet, and shimmering on the glass cofeetable in-between the L shape made by the couches next to eachother. A flatscreen TV sat mounted on the wall, with a entertainment stand low below it on the floor, housing a UniDisc player and various UD movies and a remote. I was lucky to ever see these things in my life, with the sheer amount of prejudice and discrimination in the WCG by many against "colony rats" like me and Nash who had little opportunity outside the military. I had an uncanny feeling about this place, but I just couldn't get my finger on it. Like in being here I had been saved or something, but from what? I could barely remember. But I knew one thing, or maybe was it a few things? I couldn't trust any of them. Those bastards had betrayed me. Especially Kowalski! I knew it!

It was uneasy, but I felt safe here. Surprisingly safe. Like everlasting victory, free from subjugation was coming for me. And I was- Ah christ, what the hell was I thinking? I couldn't be thinking clearly anymore, afterall, I just got shot. Just- Just had to check myself. Calm the fuck down. Stop myself from overthinking or hyperventilating. I forced myself over to a room which looked to be the bathroom, either it was to look in the mirror, puke, or maybe both. I don't know. I wasn't feeling myself anymore. Something felt empty in me. I didn't know what the hell what it was, but I had an unbelievable urge, or need, whatever, to fill it as soon as possible. I splashed some water up on my face from the sink, not bothering to check myself first for any injuries, I didn't care anymore. I saw a little trinket next to the sink, looked like a little E1K crystal of sorts, pure, at that, so I touched it, don't know why I did, but I did. Felt like an energetic sting when I held my hand on it for a few moments, and a faint red light coming from it around my hand. Creepy. I touched it again to the same sting and jerked my head up in reaction, to my horror. No, god no, how? My eyes did not look to be themselves at all, a terrible shade of crimson overtaking my eyes instead of blue. I fell back, nearly crying myself to insanity in shock. No, no, that isn't me. I heard footsteps leisurely coming, but I couldn't react, paralyzed by fear of myself. I forced myself out of the room, trying to get back to where I was before, still hearing the footsteps coming to me.

I relaxed myself on the couch, trying to act undisturbed. It didn't work. But a moment later the footsteps stopped at the wide entrance of the room. It was her. The golden eyes, the jet black hair, the above-average size. From that one bar, and from the bridge. No, not the Asian one, the one who left the bar first, and looks strictly European. I couldn't help but think on some thoughts- No, let those thoughts die. I just knew it she was obviously the one who saved me from Kowalski and her attempt to murder me in cold blood at that bridge. She looked over at me, smiling and possible giving a giggle as she sat down upon the couch here, looking to get straight to business with no timidness or doubt. This was someone I could trust. The only person I could trust. She gave one look into my eyes as they suddenly flared into a light glow as she got close to me to say but one thing and lightly laugh for a moment.

"So, you've finally awoken..."



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Re: Oni: And Ever We Fight On

December 13th, 2063. 11:03AM

Oslo, EPR

Apartment 7G

Aaron Jager

My fingers nearly slipped off the needle, almost dropping it right above a vent on the floor. Too close. Couldn't move around too much or others would see. Damnit. Hasegawa began walking around the counter just as I jabbed the needle into my stomach and injected. Too close too close too close. I couldn't hold back the grunting from it as I slipped the needle into the garbage disposal on this side of the counter.

"What's wrong?"

"Got clipped by the countertop- Any news on Cashlin or Hoff?"

"Cashlin, still AWOL. Hoff, still gone"

"Call me if anything changes. Hoff is to be shot on sight if his behavior appears questionable."

Kowalski gave a stare of shock at the orders again. And now I had to question myself whether she was worth keeping around or not anymore. Mercury poisoning and all. I had no idea whether or not she might pull a gun on me, or poison my food, or some other psychotic thing at random. Speaking of that, the sytropin was starting to kick in as drowsiness flooded my vision and I quickly pushed myself to get over to the nearest bed and collapsed onto it. Jesus christ it had such a kick now after barely taking it the past few weeks. All I could make out before I lost consciousness was Kowalski giving the nearest wall the thousand-yard-stare...


Alex Hoff

I just couldn't stop listening to her despite part of me telling me to run and never turn back as I looked into those eyes of gold... But, I just couldn't resist. Ah, screw it. She slipped the photograph right by me, with that dumb looking redhead on it and instructions on the back. She laughed for a moment as she closed her eyes. Whatever.

"...You know... Your old friend Cashlin has been running around crazy since I threatened to have his family assassinated if he kept working with Jager... Can't believe he fell for that bluff... teehee..."

"Hehehe... Bastard had it coming..."

Can't believe I just said that... Couldn't control it. Every second that went by I just felt more and more empty. I needed to do something, just couldn't figure it out. But for now, just relax myself, listen, and pray I don't drool randomly. Again.

"...Well, He's nothing more than lowly vermin... Like Mick... and Sarai..."

Her fingers clicked down as she swiftly bent them downwards to reveal clawlike nails as she laughed. I... Didn't seem surprised... I just blankly stared ahead, closing my mouth to cut off drool that was about to drip out. She slid over closer for a moment on the couch, staring into my eyes directly, and I couldn't help but listen to her. It was soothing, seductive, and gave me that sense of security.

"Of course. You know what to do with those insignificant specks... I'll be watching..."

She laughed for but a moment before opening her eyes again

"So go forth... Seek out and dispose of Mick Hoover. Hunt him like any other prey... Make him pay for his sins..."

And so I went forth as I had to, taking the photograph and notes on him as I went to rip him out of this world for what he has done. Jesus fuck, what the hell was I doing? This was madness. But...

<Eager> This man was bad news. Exploiting a young woman for his own benefit. He deserved what was coming to him, and he wouldn't expect it. This was going to feel... Right. I couldn't wait to do this. Time to get this done

<Reluctant> This... Felt wrong. But I couldn't resist against it. I didn't want to do it. I had to do it. I couldn't resist it. I had to, I didn't want to. Well, I had to make this simple. Kill him, and go before I off myself in reaction.



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Re: Oni: And Ever We Fight On


Can you at some point do a review of the organizations and characters in the story.  I sometimes forget who is who.  Thanks.


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Re: Oni: And Ever We Fight On

December 13th, 2063. 11:45AM

Oslo, EPR

Just outside nondescript warehouse owned by SSC, in Stahl's van

Alex Hoff

"Stahl and Dahl are already there. Hoover won't be suspecting a thing when we take him down."

I looked at the woman climbing into the front passenger seat of the van. Looked awfully familiar. I snapped to attention and saluted as Eternal loaded a fresh ballistic magazine into her CTE6.

"Commander Hasegaw-"

She slapped me before she even finished sitting down as I realized it was just that creepy woman who followed me around at that one shady bar a few... days... or so... back. Great, I didn't even know what day or time it was. Noone told me, and my UniTool was missing.

"Like I said before, Vechnyy, you should give him a day or two before we remove Levoye from the equation. He's barely sober right now."

"Ekho, you don't have the... Perspective, that I have. I'm surprised when I look at you. Why do you, of all of us, abstain from the true power of the Kh'Voz?"

"Because I have morals, Vechnyy. And if I did indulge in such power, then all my cover would be beyond blown."

"Point taken. But noone said you had to work with a team..."

Eternal pulled the van up on the curb, next to the door to some scummy warehouse that's walls looked like they went through a few decades of rusting, next to several other scummy warehouses that had a few decades of rusting on them just like this one. Fuck my headache, and the wretched scent of this place was making it worse... Scent? Gah, what the hell was I thinking. Stop. Stop. Stop.

"Stal and Dolini have been briefed, Vechnyy. Just give them the signal and they'll be ready to subdue him. You ready?"

"Indeed. Let's go."

I pulled myself out of the van as Eternal slammed the doors closed, pushing herself right up to the warehouse door and forcing it open with here momentum. I followed in suit with the other woman, Captain Kojira, if the tags she wore were correct. We all stopped as she looked at the mooks shuffling around the warehouse, stocking various weapons and ordnance on the shelves here of what looked to be a massive armory. She shrugged for a moment and continued forward until Eternal met one of the side doors, stoping to hand a CTE6 and a ballistic clip to me.

"You ever used a CTE6 before, newblooded one?"

Argh, so goddamned creepy. I was shaky enough right now, didn't need her speaking like that to me. Wasn't helping. Captain Kojira's facial expression, looking at Eternal after that remark described my thoughts perfectly.

"Uh, no I haven't."

"Handles like one of those old B23R pistols. Mind the recoil."

I ripped the pistol out of her hand and loaded the magazine in as she and Kojira entered the room we were waiting outside of. Eternal give a quick hand signal towards Dahl and Stahl who were already on both flanks of Hoover, unsuspecting of what I was about to do. Or so we had hoped.

"I should have known you'd do this one day, Wollcroft! You're no better than my old boss, Griffin!"

Stahl quickly moved in to subdue Hoover, only to be met with a swift kick to the face as Hoover swung around and kneecapped Dahl. Stahl quickly tapped a medigel hypo to his arm along with Kojira doing the same, their eyes flashing into a purple and red glows, respectively as they fired off a few warning shots to try and scare him. Eternal slipped a cigarette out from her sleeve, swinging her head left and back and giggling for a moment.

"I'll be outside enjoying a smoke. He'd better be dead when I return."

She left in a hurry, ready to light up the moment she wasn't at risk of blowing up the entire armory by accident. Meanwhile, Hoover laid out Stahl and Dahl in CQC again as Kojira tried to get a good angle for a shot. A few left hooks, uppercuts, and kicks to Stahl and Dahl's faces later Hoover had successfully grappled Dahl into a human-shield position in front of him, pointing a Black Adder SMG up the side of his head.

"Fuck you all! I didn't survive World War Three, The Rebellion of the Ninety-Nine Percent, and Sturmanderung, just to be fucking killed by you treacherous fucks!"

"Son of a-"

I finally decided to speak after staying silent through all this

"They. They are not the ones who are going to kill you, Hoover. Noone betrayed you here. They're just. I don't know... Not defending you?"

He directed his attention towards me, pointing the Black Adder at me for a moment before pointing it back at Dahl

"So, Eternal, oh so noble, sends some WCG fuckhead to kill me instead of her so that her monstrous hands are the ones that are clean? Yeah, well fuck you, Gringo!"

Stahl and Kojira circled around, trying to get an angle on him and catch him off guard. Hoover gave them the reply of putting pressure on the Black Adder's trigger.

"Don't even try it, you fucking Screaming Cell!"

Dahl tried to squeeze out of Hoover's grip, yelling to all of us

"Just kill this son of a bitch already!"

I knelt down, trying to stabilize my shaky aim. Man, this bastard even had the scent of an asshole. Kojira yelled at me for a moment, waving her hand at me

"Take the shot, you've got the angle!"

I couldn't. My arms were shaking too much. I felt like I woke up after getting my skull smashed with the butt-end of an HRAR. My strides were too short. Seeing double. All of the crap.

"Ask yourself, do you really want to shoot me? You'll kill Sergeant Dahl if you pull that trigger. Look at yourself. You shouldn't be handling a gun, let alone walking around right now."

"I do as I'm told, Hoover. I don't question if something is bullshit or not, I just do it."

"We all try to think like that, Hoff. But is it right?"

"Of course not. But I get paid at the end of the day."

"See? You just said it. Do you really want to work with Eternal? She'll strip everything from you that makes you Human. Do you really want that for yourself? Do you want to be some sort of monster? A killer? She's none more than a Screaming Cell. You hear me goddamnit?!?!"

Stahl turned on his gun's laser-sight as Kojira strafed towards me to whisper at me

"...Don't listen to this crazy bastard. Take the shot. Now."

Dahl continued shaking around, trying to break free from Hoover's iron grip, who was backing up and pulling Dahl with him.

"Fucking shoot him you bastards! Don't let him get away. Kill him!"

"Now now, Hoff, just drop the gun and walk away. I can handle all this, and we can all go home. Dahl doesn't have to die for Eternal's sins. Hoff, you know you don't want to do this. So just put the gun right there on the ground and go back to your fellow Imperialists in WCG territory. Don't you have somebody you love back at home?"

I couldn't stop my hands from shaking. I found my trigger finger jumping around on the trigger, ready to depress it and put a bullet into Hoover without me even thinking it over. Fuck... This... Felt wrong. But I couldn't resist against it. I didn't want to do it. I had to do it. I couldn't resist it. I had to, I didn't want to. I needed to. I couldn't keep resisting the urge forever. I just had to do it. Voices in the back of my head seemed to demand I do it as I tried to aim at Hoover and pull the trigger.

<KILL HOOVER. DO IT. NOW.> Why not? It's got to be done. For the Kh'Voz. You have to do it. You must do it. Can you really resist? No. You can't. Besides. You're going to do it eventually. Get it out of the way now, before you rejoin your comrades.

<What the hell are you doing?> Just drop the gun. You know this isn't you. Go home already. Go join your comrades and stop General Sorin, bring down the WCG, and return home as heroes instead of war criminals. Go and make your own future.



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Re: Oni: And Ever We Fight On

December 13th, 2063. 12:05PM

Oslo, EPR

SSC armory

Alex Hoff

What the hell was I doing? No, no, this wasn't me, goddamnit. I didn't even know this bastard, let alone come from the same part of the world as him. For all I knew this bastard was on the path to save the fucking world from these gangsters, and shooting him would doom the world to die in global hellfire. And now I was thinking too hard, and made my massive headache worse. I couldn't obey the damned voice. Not my thoughts. Not my thoughts! Fuck, I could barely stop myself from pouncing on the SOB and tearing his throat out. I wasn't going insane now, was I? The CTE6 pistol slipped from my shaking, wobbly hands, down to the cement floor below my feet as Hoover slipped a gasmask on and continued backing up with Dahl in a headlock.

"Good choice, Hoff! She's just going to backstab you if you work with her!"

The red glow in Kojira's eyes increased in intensity as she looked over at me, pissed as hell. Stahl advanced on Hoover's flank, trying to get an angle on him.

"Have you lost your nerve?!"

She quickly slapped her hand across my face with such speed that I saw the air around her arm get blurred as I got thrown down to the ground from the force of her hand against my face. I could barely stand up to begin with anyway, and that was that. She aimed her pistol down at Hoover, firing off two shots through Dahl's shoulder into Hoover, bringing them both down to the ground.

"And that is how you deal with a hostage situation!"

Hoover reached around for the Black Adder SMG that he dropped, trying to bring it back to kill Dahl, only to be met with Dahl smashing his hand and a swift blow to the face.

"I'm going to fucking kill you!"

Hoover pushed off Dahl, knocking him out in a single bound, spinning back and standing back up with his momentum, aiming the Black Adder towards us and spraying rounds.

"WCG dogs! You're all going to die!"

Stahl quickly fired off two rounds from his M416 into both of Hoover's kneecaps, firing off a third into the Black Adder, breaking it into pieces. Eternal entered the room swiftly, her hand lightly gripping onto a sheath strapped to her pitch black Nazi-esque SSC uniform.

"...Still alive? Good. On second thought I'd rather deal with him myself. But I must admit I am disappointed in your hesitation, Mister Hoff."

"Major Evig, as I said before, we should have given him a day at minimum before we even had him get up to walk around. You shouldn't be surprised that this happened."

"That was not an option when we knew a Syndicate spy like Hoover was among us. Isn't that right?"

"With all due respect Major, we should have dealt with Hoover through the official channels. Have him arrested, not murdered."

"Company policy, in addition to our contract with the EPLF dictates that all known Syndicate agents are to be given summary execution. Nothing more."

"Then why did you not kill Wollcroft?"

"The keyword was known Syndicate agents."

Eternal walked across the cavernous room, holding her hand on the sheath in an almost erotic fashion, walking past me with no bother to offer a hand to help me up, and ignoring Dahl in turn. Stahl quickly shouldered his M416 and saluted her, staying silent as Kojira shook her head in disappointment with the outcome.

"I was serious, Major. It took most of our entire division an entire week of recovery after getting their enhancements before they could even train on the holodeck without collapsing or fainting. The same is true for Mister Hoff."

"Silence, Captain. There will be no more on it."

I pulled myself up against the wall at the side of the room as Eternal advanced towards Hoover, hand on the sheath. She opened her eyes as she closed in, her eyes now having an intense glow of orange that seemed almost like a fire. She quickly leaped up on top of one of the double-crates near Hoover in a feat of superhuman ability, looking towards the others in the room.

"It has come to my attention that some of you have... Doubted my... integrity. If so, then you do not know what a lack of integrity truly is. Such people we know as traitors, those who commit treason. There is one penalty for such sins. Death."

She gracefully descended down to ground level, continuing her advance on Hoover. Her grip on the sheath tightened,  her readying herself to pull out the sheathed weapon.

"As we all know, the Syndicate is the greatest threat to us all. Anyone who dares to associate with the Syndicate commits treason against the European Peoples' Republic, and undermines all the liberty we have fought for these past fifty years, against the imperialists of the World Coalition Government, and the terrorists of the Syndicate and their underlings like the Verstosenen. Can we stand to allow either of these fascists to bully us? No. We must strike back and make an example of all who dare pose a threat to our liberty. All true patriots of the Republic know this. And thus, I shall make an example of this traitor we know as Mick Hoover. Observe."

"Fuck off you demon! I'll fucking kill you all once I get out of here! The Kh'vo-"

Eternal hissed at him, instantly pulling a sabre that was just slightly longer than her arm's length out of the sheath, swinging it's fine point up to just above chin-height, and pulling it back down quickly past Hoover's throat, slitting it to the finest cut across his neck before he could finish his sentence, killing him instantly. She turned to all of us again, her eyes still glowing like fire.

"You cross me- You cross the company- You cross the Republic, and I guarantee your death will not be as merciful as his was."

She walked towards Dahl who was just waking up after getting punched out by Hoover, swinging the saber up against his throat, a mere centimeter between him and an instant death. Quite the bi-polar person, wasn't she? I recalled her saying "I'm sorry" or something before she had shot me about... God knows when ago...

"Get up."

Dahl quickly backed from the sword and pulled himself up, saluting in fear.

"You fail like you did there again, and you are worthless to me, and I will kill you where you stand. You were defeated in hand-to-hand combat by a man who lacks such enhancements as you have. There are twenty different candidates for your position who can very easily replace you if you are deemed redundant."

"Yes Mam, understood Mam!"

"Then we have an understanding. Dismissed."

Stahl and Dahl saluted, quickly leaving the room in fear of what Eternal said. Kojira stayed, rolling her eyes at the whole ordeal.

"Eternal, you place too much stock in the power of the Kh'Voz. You're the person Hoover wanted you to be. A monster he could have used against his enemies. And then you turned on him."

She looked down and sighed in disappointment, shaking her head as she listened to Kojira.

"Don't try and guilt trip me, sister. You know I killed him for him stealing any innocence I had in my life, not for being a Syndicate spy."

She sheathed the sabre again, clicking her claws out and scratching into the crate next to her, closing her eyes in remorse.

"Paige was right? Wasn't she?"

"You, of all people, crying about killing someone. You're the one person who followed your Kh'Voz instinct so straight. But you couldn't forever, could you? What's next, you're going to pour gasoline over yourself and light a cigarette?"

Eternal stopped and begin laughing as she finished helping me up to my feet, turning back to Kojira.

"Of course not, my sister. Killing Mick was so... Satisfying... An ecstasy gripping me as I claimed his life from him. Teehee..."

She nearly fainted, pulling herself back up on the crate as she frowned, looking at me for a moment

"...Get out of here, Hoff... Just... Act normal, or you're going to regret even living another day. I'm sorry. Just get out of here. Go to your own people. Promise me that if we ever meet again-"

I quickly placed my hand on her shoulder and shut her up

"Don't even talk to yourself like that, or you're going to be the one regretting to continue breathing. You're the one who isn't being yourself. We will meet again. No promises beyond that."

I stormed out, sparing myself from Eternal's apparent emotional issues with who she was. Cry me a fucking river, it's like she never got past the denial part all these years which I breezed through an hour ago. I still felt awfully wobbly. And worse, I felt like I had left some massive desire left unfulfilled. Hell, I should have killed that Hoover bastard myself. I wouldn't react like Eternal did, I knew it. I had to do it. Hehe. I could already feel an ecstasy coming on just thinking about it. But whatever, time to go.

<Go get drunk at Club Voss> It's what Jager would do anyway. Besides, beer makes everything better. That, and it makes taking a victim that much easier...

<Go back to Jager and comrades> They'd be so unsuspecting anyway. Besides, Sarai was with him. I could have revenge for her injustices against the Kh'Voz.



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Re: Oni: And Ever We Fight On

Back to Jager


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Re: Oni: And Ever We Fight On

December 13th, 2063. 1:45PM

Oslo, EPR

Berg Finansiell Building

Alex Hoff

I nearly tripped walking up the stairs here. Why the hell was the elevator in this place still out of order? The staircase up to the seventh floor felt like it went on forever. What the hell was this, the Tower of Babel or something. I stopped for a moment to catch my breath on the third floor, sitting down on the steps to hold onto my head to stop the splitting headache going on for the past several hours. I couldn't tell if it was voices or an incessant white noise driving me mad. I felt like I might claw out the throat or face of the first person I saw at this point. No, no, no. This was all just in my head. For all I knew I was hallucinating in shock after nearly bleeding out from getting shot just below chest-level.

I looked up the stairs, another four flights of hell to get up there. Fuck my life... I slipped on a pair of HUD sunglasses and applied one of the pen-shaped medigel hyposprays that I jacked from that SSC armory into my neck. Even with that boost this was going to feel just as bad, if not worse than John McClane crawling across the floor after getting his legs shot up. I pulled myself up on the railing here, feeling like I nearly broke it in half as I pushed up on it. I scratched into the railing, pulling myself up the staircase, continuing on to the seventh floor. It all passed by like a blur as I tried to suppress every thought going through my head. If I even thought about anything I might have torn one of the people I passed by into shreds.

As I finally made it to the seventh floor I collapsed to my knees, staring down the almost infinitely long hallway ahead of me. I felt paralyzed as I stared ahead in pain, the cocktail of drugs I hypo-injected beginning to kick in on me as the hall began to appear to grow in length. I pulled up on the railing again, beginning to shuffle down the hall looking for room G. A white-noise filled up my head as I pushed on, noticing a woman towards the seventh room of the floor, room G. I fell limp, over onto the door by my side, nearly breaking through it as she walked towards me. There she was, Sarai Ivanov, walking towards me for the kill. Son of a bitch.

She walked by me, staring ahead before she looked down at me, her dyed red hair swaying as she moved her head around. I regained focus for a moment, pulling myself up from my limp as she smiled at me with her creepy blue eyes, whispering towards my ear, her hand just so slightly behind her back out of my view. Her voice sounded like some feminine equivalent of Agent Smith's monotone, like her's always did when she felt, or knew something was wrong.

"...I was wondering when you'd show up, Lieutenant..."

"Kowalski, what the hell's wrong?"

I held my right hand behind my back, clicking my fingers to double-45 angles like claws, ready to grab her by her throat and cut right through it. I stared into her eyes through my sunglasses with wide-open eyes, sniffing at her distinct scent.

"...I don't know... Why don't you tell me, Hoff?"

She began circle-strafing me, as I did in turn. She suspected something, but why should I be surprised? This was Sarai Ivanov, possibly the greatest assassin to have ever lived, or at least, or rather hopefully, a clone of her. Either way, she was dangerous as hell, and murdered at least a dozen of our kind, according to Eternal. Knowing what I knew about the KGB, it wasn't surprising she would be well trained to deal with someone like Eternal, let alone Stalin's political enemies, or even Stalin himself.

"Hoff, tell me, what's wrong? Holding back something? Thinking about your two sisters back in London? How they hold the same terrible secret as you, and not even know it? Are you asking yourself, did it come from your father or your mother? Both? About how you're doomed to be a victim of exploitation by those who want power?"

"What are you going on about, Kolo?"

She put her hand right on the side of my neck, the warmth contrasting the frostbite-tier freeze in the snowy wonderland outside. With the creepy pallor of her skin you'd expect her hand to be room temperature at best, if not deathly cold. Her eyes seemed to almost pierce through my sunglasses, and her voice slowly began to break from the obviously fake English-accent she always had.

"Don't play that with me, Hoff. I know that monster told you everything about me she could tell you. Don't you feel disturbed knowing that there are hundreds of cheap dime-a-dozen knockoffs of your kind, like Lieutenant Commander Hasegawa, most STARRT agents like Jager, and all but two of the SSC's special operations section?"

"Listen, Kowalski, I don't know what you're talking about..."

I couldn't keep bullshitting her forever. Chances are she was thinking about a hundred ways to kill me as she strafed around, as was I in turn. What the hell did she have behind her back? I got ready to claw her throat out, looking for an opening.

"Hehe... Nice sunglasses, Hoff. There's an acute cut at your jugular, likely from injecting a hypospray there, am I correct? The E1K compound found in most hyposprays used to keep the injector sterile for reusage between multiple users usually results in a boost in abilities, along with an exotic change in eye color in Daodan-symbiotes... And Kh'Voz. I could see why you would want to hide that..."

She pulled her hand from my neck, tearing the sunglasses off my face, staring into my eyes which were a bright crimson shade for the reasons she just explained, giggling to herself for a moment. That was it. I swung my hand around, towards her throat, ready to dig right through it with my talon-like nails, or claws, whatever. She sidestepped it swiftly, bringing me down to my knees. She looked down at me a knelt to my level, quickly injecting the hypospray she was holding behind her back into my neck, whatever it was making me drowsy in seconds. It hit me like shark-tranq, paralyzing me right there as I began to black out on me knees. She began to give a creepy whisper into my ear again, her hand holding me by the collar of my shirt as she stopped me from falling and causing a loud bang on the floor.

"...Don't fight it, Hoff. If I let you get into that apartment, Jager and Hasegawa would have had you killed where you stood, even with it being against Nash's direct orders. Just... Just fall asleep, and everything will be fine... Everything's going to..."

I blacked out before she could even finish her sentence, opening my eyes into the black abyss of what looked to be a lucid dream beginning. Well, that was enough proof she didn't poison and kill me at least. I still felt like killing her though. She knew too much anyway, even if she wasn't intent on killing me like the other dozen or so. Well, guess I might have some fun with this lucid dream while it lasted...



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Re: Oni: And Ever We Fight On

Ten days earlier, December 3rd, 2063. 11:45PM

Obersalzburg, EPR

Berghof Estate (Now under Raider control)

A single guard stood by the door to the command center, milling about with a UniTool texting someone. I waved him down, asking for his attention.

"Sergeant, I need to see Commander Nash."

"And you are?"

"Lieutenant Hasegawa"

I flashed my papers in his face for a moment. No care came from his face as he yawned and continued texting

"Holy hell when did you get back? You've been missing for at least a week."

"Just now, Sergeant."

"Eh, whatever, I'll let you into the command center we got set up"

He pulled out a beer, flicking it open and drinking it before he so much as to bothered to type in on the keypad. The door pulled back in automatically for us as we went in.

"Commander Nash, Lieutenant Hasegawa is here to see-"

I pulled back on the front of his head, instantly breaking his neck at at least three different points as he gurgled in his last throws of pain before suffocating.

Yukie Kojira

Four different guards already had their rifles aimed at my head as Nash laughed and smoked a cigar in his little office chair in the center of the room. The table behind him was littered in documents and other plans of his for what I had guessed was some sort of coup against the WCG, or some campaign against the Syndicate.

"Nice entrance, I was wondering when you'd show up."

Commander Jonathan Nash

"Nice entrance, was wondering when you'd show up"

The bitch stared at me in awe, eyeing around the room for whatever she could find. Best guess was that she was a Syndicate spy or one of the stragglers from the Verstosenen. It was painfully obvious she stole that uniform off one of our casualties, I couldn't believe the guard didn't check the tag. She had Kowalski's uniform and claimed to be Hasegawa. Classy. The other soldiers began to advance on her, flipping safeties off.

Her eyes stared into space, suddenly shifting to and glowing red.

"What the-?"

In a moment she flashed across the room, breaking one of the troop's necks. Before any of us could adjust to where she just moved she snapped to the opposite side, mauling another soldier at his throat. Less than two seconds later everyone else sans me had died in similar methods. The next moment she suddenly appeared barely a few inches from me.

"Impressive. Who do you work for? The EPLF?"

Her mouth was agape, her face showing an extreme emotional detachment to what she just did.

"The Sentinels, why do you ask, Prey?"

"Settle down, girl, you remind me a bit too much of someone rather similar. A, Paige Wollcroft?"

"Where do you know that name from, Prey?"

She tilted her head slightly, bending her fingers in like a hawk's talons.

"Just an acquaintance of mine. Why do you care?"

Her mouth slowly opened up even more like it was watering, her eyes staring directly into mine like she was crazy. They glimmered ever so slightly as she began to sniff at me.

"I really don't care where you know my sister from, you just look like a good chunk of protein right now... That smells so foul!"

She fell back, pointing a gun at me as she waved the air away from her nose.

"When did you last shower? Absolutely pungent!"

I couldn't help myself but laugh as she began to sicken from smelling me, like she was about to puke all over the place.

"Three weeks ago. Not my problem that you use unscented soap. Anyway, now that you look like you don't want to devour my flesh and bone, can I help myself but ask what you're doing here?"

"To demonstrate what happens when people like you get in my way."

"How did I? What did I do, madam?"

I tapped out my cigar on the armrest, laughing to myself again as she began to calm down, her eyes returning to green like they were before as she collapsed to the ground from all the energy she used up killing my men.

"Putting the entire force here on alert when I was trying to sneak in. Thanks to you I nearly missed killing Radec as he tried to flee."

"What a coincidence I was going to do that myself. Chlorine style."

"...And that. Chlorine makes things inedible."

"What is with you? What do you see in cannibalism?"

She forced herself up, staring around again and shaking her head

"It's not exactly cannibalism for me..."

"What are you? A Kh'Voz? You know, Kowalski warned me about someone like you, before someone sniped her. Was it you? You're wearing her uniform."

"You're not exactly convincing me not to kill you, Nash. You know too much. My sisters, the Kh'Voz..."

"Say, you got Hasegawa's appearance right. If you didn't kill the doorman you might have had me fooled until I saw the uniform."

She frowned for a moment, staring down as she leaned against the wall. I got up and approached her as she weakened. I slid the pistol out of her holster, taking it for myself as she stood helpless. Moral of the story, don't stall.

"Say, do you know where Hasegawa is, where I can find here?"

"What's it matter to you, Nash? You've gotten in my way twice now. I should have killed you the first time, back in Okinawa."

"If anything, you got in my way back there. Hasegawa and Kowalski got captured, remember? By you? A few of my men got killed. Perhaps we can work out a deal to rectify this. You hand back Hasegawa, and I-"

"You what?"

She burst back into energy and unleashed her claws, putting them up against my throat, ready to tear it out as she nicked my skin.

"Say, does it signify anything if someone seems to know how to decipher how to open the locks of those Kh' relics? I know someone who's opened two of them this past month."

She perked up in confusion as I finished my sentence, entering an almost catatonic state as she came into shock from what she heard

"A... Kh'Voz... You say?"

She dropped to her knees in awe, practically begging me not the shoot her as she became nauseous from my scent.

"Who? Eternal will want to know? You give me the Kh'Voz you have and I'll get her to give up Hasegawa!"

"Since when were we talking about him being a Kh'Voz? Sure, I'll give him to you if it means getting Hasegawa."

"But who is he?"

"Lieutenant Alex Hoff. But how do you think he's a Kh'Voz suddenly?"

"...Only Kh'Voz can easily open the relics..."

She looked like she was about to drool as I placed my hand against her shoulder. She looked at me, backing up.

"Send him to Club Voss in Oslo. I can arrange an exchange to happen. You hand him there, and I'll have Hasegawa sent to you immediately."

I laughed at her, advancing as she fled backwards from the stink emanating from my uniform which had spent too much time in a warzone these past few weeks.

"Of course. Of course my dear... Who are you anyway? We can arrange this over a UniTool call if you just give me your name before you go."

"I... Yukie Kojira..."

"Good... Good... Now leave before I order the guards lined up behind you to unload their entire magazines into you."

She turned around, five of my soldiers sitting silent with their L-IARs locked and loaded and aiming at her this whole time. I laughed at her, motioning her to leave. She nodded for but a moment and fled the room in distress.

"Good work gentlemen. Everyone prepare to move out tomorrow. We're going to Norway territory to rescue Hasegawa. Now, someone go and retrieve Kowalski's uniform from that woman before she's gone. Also, clean up the bodies she left. Their blood is staining this fabulous carpet our hosts had."



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Re: Oni: And Ever We Fight On

are you going to continue this smile ?

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Re: Oni: And Ever We Fight On

Samer wrote:

are you going to continue this smile ?

It seems you didn't follow your own advice concerning quoting.

Yes, I will continue it, I'd say at present it's on a "Mid-season break" for a time while I work on my latest fan fic, VC: The Eastern Heat (http://www.fanfiction.net/s/8975771/1/V … stern-Heat).

After all, I can't let this one dominate my hobby, it deserves some rest for now, and besides, my writing was starting to get choppy from how often I was pushing a piece of it out onto here. Simply wasn't enough time to revise with me putting myself on such a rapid schedule. But yes, I will continue this story, it is not over, not yet.



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Re: Oni: And Ever We Fight On

Certified wrote:

It seems you didn't follow your own advice concerning quoting.

quite annoying isn't it ?
I will when you do http://oni.bungie.org/community/forum/v … 229#p45229

I will continue this story, it is not over, not yet.


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Re: Oni: And Ever We Fight On

Samer wrote:
Certified wrote:

It seems you didn't follow your own advice concerning quoting.

quite annoying isn't it ?
I will when you do http://oni.bungie.org/community/forum/v … 229#p45229l

There's a difference between keeping a relevant conversation in a multi-faceted thread and quoting huge posts, which is a thing which typically gets people banned in most forums I frequent.



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Re: Oni: And Ever We Fight On

There's a difference between keeping a relevant conversation in a multi-faceted thread and quoting huge posts .. not really when you're quoting a quote that has 2 quotes inside it and you're only replying to one of them: it becomes a huge post too, and it's right above yours, how is that keeping it multi-facted ... and Iritscen talked about this here:

Iritscen wrote:

Yes, quoting is necessary to provide context, but you don't need to quote the *whole* post.  Twice on the previous page, you quoted the entirety of ltemplar's post just to make a small reply.

anyway i hope you got what i'm saying i'm re-editing and removing the huge post. I'm asking nicely consider it a favor to your fellow oni lover ^_^ not demanding nor "backseat moderating".

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Re: Oni: And Ever We Fight On

continuation plzzz

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Re: Oni: And Ever We Fight On

Valkyrur If u ever come back smile Could you please just name all the characters.Much appreciated.also. CONTINUATION big_smile

What does it matter? Even if the odds are against me, I'll do it, it doesn't matter.


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